Choosing a Large Cap MF

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I am looking at below 2 funds to start a SIP for long term(15-20 years).I will be reviewing the Fund every year or two.

They are very similar in returns,sector allocation alomst on rating.

They differ in percent of midcap allocation.Also Franklin is there from 1993,while DSPBR fund is from 2003.

I am confused in choosing between them as i dont have any point to discard the other.

I will be investing around 5K/month. Should i go for both and split it as 2.5K each?

If you see some major difference .Please point out.

Franklin India Bluechip

Expense Ratio   1.84

VR Rating         5star

5year return     19.98

Giant               65.09
Large              23.53
Mid                 11.38

Alpha                4.79


 Energy             25.14                    
 Financial           17.99                    
 Engineering       11.89                    
 Technology         9.32                    
 Communication    8.82                    
 Metals                6.02                    
 Diversified            5.80                    
 Healthcare           2.64                    
 FMCG                  2.46                    
 Services              2.18                    
 Construction        0.80                    
 Automobile          0.65    

DSPBR Top 100 Equity Reg

Expense Ratio    1.86

VR Rating          4star

5year return     21.88

Giant               58.65
Large               38.83
Mid                    2.51

Alpha               3.72


Energy               22.54                    
Financial             15.62                    
Technology         12.63                    
Healthcare            8.68                    
Diversified             8.45                    
Engineering            7.73                    
FMCG                   6.95                    
Automobile            3.60                    
Metals                 3.06                    
Communication     1.60                    
Services              0.69      




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  1. witness3532 says:

    My Friend,

    It wouldbe better if you consider Investing in either HDFC TOP 200 or IDFC PREMIER EQUITY FUND.

    Also to bring to your notice,consider rolling returns to calculate weather the fund is a steady performer or not.


  2. bharat shah says:

    i think, one point in favour of Franklin Bluechip v/s dspbr top 100 is , if i did not mistake, is turnover ratio. i think, the lower turn over ratio means better selecion ability of the fund manager and it may result lower expense.

  3. Ramesh says:

    Go ahead with any of the two. My preference is Franklin Blue Chip. Reason:- I love the name!! There is absolutely no point in micro-analysing the sector allocation, individual stocks, etc. Dont try to do the fund manager’s job. Just because that information is available does not mean that you can make a “more informed” guess.

    I will be more interested in how you approach the Reviewing part. That is the more important thing to do. You need to strategise about that part now, rather than when you in the middle of it.


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