Choosing a Family Health Insurance from PSU Companies

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What is the suggested Health Insurance for entire family (2 adult and 1 kid or 2 kids) among the nationalized providers (National Insurance; Oriental Insurance; New India Assurance; United India Insurance)?

Thank you

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  1. Jwalant says:

    bank insurance police are discounted rate for theire customers.but it my not contniue for longer is better to take directley from insurance comapnies.

    i had taken from oriental .one claim succefully passed without any issue.
    you can take minimum 3-5 lakhs if in budget.

  2. ashalanshu says:

    Dear InvQ, the cover should be as per your need.



  3. lalitmundra says:

    Health Insurance Offered by Nationalized Banks may be considered. You just need to open an account with any of the Banks. You will get family floater plan at half the regular premium.

    1. invQ says:

      Hi Lalitmandra, thanks for your option. Can you please give me some example if you have. I do have saving ac with SBI, ING and Union Bank of India as well.

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