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My Dad had received a cheque from lic money back policy,but the cheque was not cleared from central bank of india.
the reason given for this is ”cheque already presented”
when i contact with bank they told me that the same number cheque has been entered earlier in system so they cannot clear it.
i’ve now contact with lic & they have told me to wait for few days.
I just wanted to know that how can be similar cheque number already presented in bank system?

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  1. Bhavana – This is in all probability a techncial/software error of the bank! CHEQUE printing for corporate may be done by their bank itself. Everytime a new CHEQUE is issued the serial number would increase and the backend/database updated. In a remote possibility the system may print the CHEQUE but the back end database may not be updated, like due to a operation time out/database lock etc. So the next time the printing would have resumed the database will instruct the system to start from the previous number itself. If ‘that’ CHEQUE has been presented before then during clearing the system will throw an error. This situation is a personal experience for me just few months ago at our bank and we reissued a CHEQUE to the customer!!

  2. Dear Bhavana, please wait for few days to get an official reply from LIC. If you do not get a satisfactory answer, file a written complaint with the LIC office.

    Regarding the problem of similar no. cheque presented earlier, it’s possible at the time of preparing the cheque as now a days these cheques are prepared in bulk with a special arrangement between LIC & the bank, similar to dividend cheques.



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