Check bounce:Signature mismatch

POSTED BY Biju ON July 25, 2012 4:40 pm COMMENTS (25)

My loan EMI check bounced due to signature mismatch.I am quite sure that there is nothing wrong with the signature and now i have been charged both by the bank and the housing finance for check bounce in spite of having money in my account.How can I deal this ? Whom to approach ?

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  1. Gagan says:

    I give a cheque to my friend but after two days the bank send message like inward rejected charge what is the problem with cheque please let me know

    1. Jagoinvestor says:

      Have you checked this with bank first ? What did they say ?

  2. Mani says:

    My friend was in prblm so he asked me a cheque so i gave him a cheque of HDFC and he told me he deposit money to my account within a month that’s y I gave him a cheque now I blocked all my cheque but I now only I noticed I mistakenly gaved my sister cheque same HDFC bank now they put cheque into bank it will be dishouner they told me to file case against me what can i do sir please tell how to slove this

  3. Ashfaq says:

    Does a bounced check due to signature miss match to third party,affect our CIBIL score too??

    1. Yes, but minor impact !

  4. Sundeep says:

    Hi, Three months back I have desposited 2lacs cheque in ICICI bank where I have account, but bankers did a mistake while clearing it they have just credited Rs 20,000 instead of 2lacs, I spoke to bank person they said its their team mistake and same cheque can’t use to represent since its already processed. Can I take leagal action against ICICI? they have failed to credit the original amount I missed a property deal, I have acknowledgement from ICICI bank that I have deposited the cheque for 2lacs and cheque xerox.

    1. In that case you can surely sue them and claim for the damages !

  5. Maheshwaran says:

    my bike loan cheque was bounced due to signature mismatch, After five day there was a call from HDFC bank, then they asked to pay amount plus some additional charge. Then i paid by cash , My doubt is what can i do for next month.

    1. It will be deducted in the same manner as always !

  6. kuldeep says:

    i gave a cheque to the collage adminastration to deposite my semester fees . after two days i receives a message that your cheque is not cleared due to mismatching the sign.
    then i had met to collage registar sir . they said dont worry and after then i deposited fees in cash with @500 extra as a fine as per the collage rule.

    so plz tell me , will i get any problem for it by the bank or collage….

    plz give the ans…

    1. No , it should not be an issue for just a single incident !

  7. Saurabh says:

    My Home loan check bounced due to signature mismatch. I am quite sure that there is nothing wrong with the signature and now i have been charged by the housing finance for check bounce in spite of having money in my account. How can I deal this ? Whom to approach ?

    1. Hi Saurabh

      When bank has said that its signature mismatch, then its a mismatch ! . At timed we are confident about signature, but the machine does not make mistakes 🙂

      1. Naveen says:

        Yes, Machines do not make mistakes. But we do!! It is not always possible to sign the exact same way. Penalizing for such slight mismatches doesn’t look fair.

        1. Biju says:

          Machines are being controlled by humans not the other way around, at least for now. Its just common sense to just check and confirm that it is an every month same date cleared check or just confirm with the account holder. Any way now a days when the banks look for every opportunity to charge a customer and increase their revenue, its our responsibility to be careful. After this incident, I withdrew all the checks and started ECS. The bank charged me but I requested the Housing finance company to waive off and they did.

        2. Agree, but then there is no legal recourse on that. You might have made a mistake in signing and thats why the check has bounced. If you want a waiver in penalty , you can check with the bank on this.


  8. Dharmendra says:

    Dear Sir,

    I was purchased land from a property dealer as per circle rate charges was about Rs 300000-/
    i was given cheque from my Allahabad Bank Rs 1.5 lacs & 1.5 lacs of two cheque , cheque no already mention in registry paper on stamp. dealer was submitted cheque in another bank ICICI & SBI, Sufficient balance is in my account
    Yet cheque was bounce due to signature mistake as per inform by bank, as per my knowledge signature was not wrong.
    kind help me what should i do.
    can i resubmit my cheque in same bank?
    or another cheque gives to dealer. and same how to co-relate cheque no in to registry stamp paper.

    D Shukla

    1. Hi Dharmendra

      Thanks for asking your question. However we do not have answer to your question.


  9. Ahmad Zaib says:

    Thanks Mr. Ashal, that clears the it!

  10. Ahmad Zaib says:

    Adding on the same:
    Does a bounced check affect our CIBIL score too??

    1. Dear Ahmad Zaib, as on date bounce checks are not affecting our CIBIL scores directly as the CIBIL score is derived from our credit linked financial behavior. But for the given case above as the cheque was bounced for a home loan, obviously it ‘ll impact the score under the home loan.



  11. Biju says:

    yes..I am trying for the same…my housing loan is with LICHFL and the bank is SBI.Both not very helpful in matters like this.LICHFL has not even notified me until now about the check return.I happen to know about it only when I found the check return charges in my account.I was surprised because i had enough charges in my account and noting was mentioned with the transaction.I had to walk into my home branch and they had no clue about the reason since it happened from another branch and nothing was mentioned with the transaction.They had to make call to the the particular branch to identify that it is a signature issue.

  12. Yes ,you should get it back first and then take up the matter with bank , i suspect that you should be ready to go extra mile for this , complain to banking ombudsman , file an RTI (if its PSU) and file a consumer court case etc etc .


  13. Biju says:

    They have the signature scanned in their system and they compare it with the signature on the check to compare.Every month the check is cleared through the same bank and the same month another check of me got cleared from the same bank.How could only one check fails the signature matching.I suspect some dumb ass in the counter had a bad day and screwed up with my check.Any how i have requested to return my bounced check so that I can have a check myself and take up the issue from there. Please give your valuable comments.

  14. Which Bank is it ?

    You cant say that there cant be issue with signature mismatch, but surely there can be issue like that , doesnt it happens in rarest of the cases. I am not sure how bank guys match the signatures (may be software)

    Also does your bank not have ECS facility ?

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