Cheaper and Best term insurance ?

POSTED BY ganeshragavan ON March 13, 2014 9:54 am COMMENTS (6)


can any suggest cheaper & best term insurance

28 male non smoker. 3 lac income.

found TATA AIA offer 10 yr payment with 40 yrs coverage for 75lac. premium was 14k

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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Ganesh, so you mean to say, you are actually saving in this plan. Really? what about the value of 7500 Rs. saved in your pocket every year if you opt to normal payment plan? There is a difference in paying 1.45L Rs. in 10Y and 2.1L Rs. in 30 years.



  2. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Ganesh, originally this was 40Y term, now you are saying 35Y. Let me put with a different perspective. It’s Month of April, sun is shining bright, w’d you still purchase and WEAR a jacket in April as it’s available cheap now?



    1. ganeshragavan says:

      @ Ashal

      See they cover upto 40 yrs. and i am covered to 68 yrs of age. it gives a option to pay to just prem for just 10 yrs. so ultimately i pay only 1.45 lakhs. whereas in else all term plans even cheapest i pay 7k pa i ll pay 2.1 lacs for 60 yrs age – 30 yrs. so all means i dont over spend. i just want to see a good term plan.

      so getting a cheaper jerkin is not the point. The policy is by no means meant for just summer/winter as u claim.

      what way the policy is bad. or suggest a better plan than being sarcastic

  3. ganeshragavan says:

    @ Ashal

    As long as pay out is not high i dont mind getting insured for longer period.

    @ Hemant

    I saw Tata as a option bcas i was given a quote of 14k for 1 year for 75lacs and option to pay for just 10 yrs. so total payout ll be only 1.45 lcas and get covered for 35 yrs also 75lacs.

    Every other term policy have to have till term of policy

  4. hemant says:

    hi ganesh
    you should get AVIVA I LIFE its good and best plan for you and best service at the time on clam. and you can buy this policy online.

    hemant singh

  5. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Ganesh, do you really need term insurance till age 68?



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