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POSTED BY Manohar ON December 28, 2011 5:59 pm COMMENTS (4)


As of now I own a SBI Gold Credit Card. This credit card is getting expired in March,2012. I would now like to go for a New Cashback Credit Card. I would like to know some good Cashback Creditcard which are available out there.

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  1. crosswordsguy says:

    @ Manohar,

    Hope you have selected Cash Back credit card… If not you may go for Super Value Titanium Card (SCB). It provides 5% Cash back on Mobile, Gas, Electricity (Utility Bills) and also have offers on Lifestyle Stores and other multi brand showrooms.

    Note: 1) For Cash back on Utility Bills; transaction amount should be equal or greater to Rs. 500/-. 2) Maximum Cash Back in a (Calendar) month is Rs. 500/-


  2. Dear Manohar, some of my friends using S&C;s Titanium Card. Please check the same.



  3. Dear Manohar, Please check with Standard & chartered, Kotak, HDFC, ICICI sites & select the card based upon your exact requirements & spending pattern.



    1. Manohar says:

      Thanks for your reply Ashal. Actually I have gone through the banks you mentioned already. I just wanted to know some reviews if anyone already own a card.

      I will be using the credit card for Departmental store purchases and utility bill payment only and nothing else. I wont be buying fuel on that as I don’t own a car.

      Please share any experience if any…

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