CARE, Bharti Infratel IPOs – subscribe or avoid ?

POSTED BY Karthik ON November 30, 2012 9:29 pm COMMENTS (2)


You must be aware of these two IPOs. whats you call?

CARE – opens on 7-Dec, Rs.700-750/Share

Bharti Infratel – opens on 11-Dec, Rs 210-240/share

If ‘subscribe’ is your call, mention whether it is for listing gains, or for long term investment.

2 replies on this article “CARE, Bharti Infratel IPOs – subscribe or avoid ?”

  1. SSR says:

    Better avoid IPO’s as they are new to the markets and less information to make the justification for its pricing. If you are fond of buying one, better buy it in secondary market.

  2. TheZionView says:

    CARE looks fundamentally good but is over priced in the IPO. May be pick later based on further developments

    Bharti Infratel not gud fundamental and a obscenely over priced.A clear miss

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