Capital gain on 2 properties

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I’ve recently disposed off 2 residential properties(after Mar 2012). So, ltcg would be applicable in FY 2012-13.

Can I claim ltcg exemption on both the properties. I bought both the properties 4 years back.
Can someone enlighten me with the options available?
Do I’ve to buy 2 new properties to offset ltcg gain or can I claim exemption by investing in only one property?

If there is some ltcg amount left after investing in property, can I invest the same in NHAI bonds for exemption?

Also, by when do I need to buy the property? If I’m not able to decide on the property by Mar 2013, do I need to show the same in ITR?

Please provide your inputs. Thanks.

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  1. investor says:

    Thanks Ashal. Could you help me with your email address?

  2. Dear Investor, yes you can save the LTCGs from 2 properties by investing in a single new property. For exact answers, I require exact nos. If you do not want to disclose your pvt. data in public domain, please write a personal mail to me.



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