Can I invest thru Funds India?

POSTED BY Swathi Bhardwaj ON June 2, 2013 8:45 pm COMMENTS (11)

Dear Experts,

Initially I thought of investing thru CAMS in 3-4 mutual funds which I have selected with the help of experts over here (Ashal and FFC). Suppose if I am investing in 4 different mutual funds then it will little inconvinience to maintain 4 different log-in credential for each AMC. So I think it will be good to invest thru Funds India where I can see all my mutual funds at one place and it looks good to me. But what if Funds India company shut down after few years. What will happen to my investments? Just trying to understand what will happen in that case. Any insights? 


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  1. Dear Swathi, your understanding is correct. For long term, opting direct is better in terms of saving on expense ratio. But there is a flip side too, in case the fund you are investing direct is not performing well & want to switch to a different AMC, The process ‘ll not be smooth in terms redeeming money, starting new login ID & password with new AMC.



  2. Swathi Bhardwaj says:

    Dear Manish and Ashal, I have read article pointed by Manish and correct me if my below understanding is wrong.

    If I start investing thru Funds India, it will be a broker for my mf investments. So it will get upfront and trail commissions. Is it? I thought even if i invest thru Funds India it will DIRECT and Funds India will get some type of commissions from AMC. I think I am wrong. Thanks for your advice.

    Yes, in the long run trail commission will hurt investors badly. I am a long term investor too!. Better to start investing directly thru AMC or CAMS.

  3. Dear Vignesh, our honesty in answering is the key reason that so many people like you come here everyday on the forum & ask their queries.




    Manish & ashal

    It has been 2 yrs close when i first started following both of you

    I honestly congratulate for an unbiased investor friendly advice.

    Hats off!!

    I have personally seen before direct plan come we recommended fundsindia to many people.

    After the direct plan we recommend fundsinda with telling them wht is the negative aspect.

    Too good.

    thanks for the service

  5. Dear Swathi, if you are going to invest for a long term & over the period your portfolio size ‘ll enter 7-8 figures, it’s advisable to opt direct Investing from day one to save Trail commission.



  6. Swathi Bhardwaj says:

    Also please share if any pros and cons of investing in online portals like It will be very helpful for me as well as other fellow blog readers.

    1. Just be clear that you are aware that with fundsindia or any other , you will pay higher expense ratio ( which is fine for the support and overall exprience you get)

  7. Swathi Bhardwaj says:

    Dear Syamantak and Mehul,

    .Thanks for your quick reply, Yes, I have read that FundsIndia won’t charge the customers. Then will get commisions from AMC’s directly. Then it really makes sense to invest thru FundsIndia where I can see all my MF investments at one place. I am going to open FundsIndia account after speaking to my brother tomorrow.

    Thanks a lot again!!.

  8. Mehul Sharma says:

    hello Swathi I think make sure if there any hidden service charges too, that you even need to check with.

    1. Syamantak says:

      No worries. Like wise any ‘agent’ in any business, Funds india do not charge the customer (read yourself) a single penny for maintaining an account with them for investing in MFs. They get their commissions from the Fund house. 🙂

  9. Syamantak says:


    Fundsindia is an agent house and is just the intermediary between the investor and the Fund House. Even though you invest through FundsIndia, your investment remains with AMC (Mutual Fund House). so if Fundsindia shuts their business, its just they who’d lose the trail commission and your investment will be safe with untill the AMC closes business (in very rare case if it happens at all)


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