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What is the diffrence in the brokerage charges if a sotck is buy and sell on the same day than buying on 1 day and selling after few days?

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  1. Dear Bhavana, May I know why you are interested to know the brokerage difference?

    Please do note – low brokerage on day trading may encourage you for speculating in the market for daily transactions which is not good for your financial health in the long term. Yes the Brok. are around the levels as indicated by dear justgrowmymoney.



  2. Usually if you take delivery – buy and sell after some days MOST Brokerages charge close to 0.5% and with taxes will almost be 0.7% and the same brokerage needs to be paid when sold making a BUY-SELL cost almost 1.5% (wish I were a broker pocketing commissions!).

    For intra day it is usually 0.05 -0.1% each side.

    There may be differences across brokerages (Zerodha, for example, is the cheapest as far as I know) but the ballpark rates are as above.

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