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I need to know an investment plan that is growth-wise very good?

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  1. Dear Sowmi, I’m sorry but I’m in not in Chennai. to meet me, please come to Ahmedabad, Gujarat. I already answered that SIP v/s PPF query but as there were 2 links in the answer, it ‘ll be available to you only after it’s moderated by dear Manish.

    So wait for some time for the same.



  2. Sowmi says:

    Dear Ashal,

    Yes i love to do that. If you are in Chennai i definitely want to meet the experts like you , justgrowformoney , others to have a party. I know you will definitely answer for my query soon or later. Please note in SIP Vs PPF we are discussing more like a generic concept / information , trying to understand the actual intricacies of SIP etc and not any particular individual’s entire portfolio solution. Hence i suggested this. Thanks again.

  3. Dear Sowmi, First of all I thank you that my posts are any worth for you & others. Regarding answering to your follow up questions (I assume you are talking about SIP v/s PPF query), yes after posting this answer I’m going to answer that.

    As far as questioning & taking interest more than a paid financial planner, well I’m ready to accept any amount from you as my fee. 🙂 🙂



  4. Sowmi says:


    I really appreciate your patience in answering the user by digging so many questions which i strongly believe the user madhumitha must have provided / articulated on the first post itself. I am wondering even the paid planners may show this much interest and the followup. Keep up the good work but my only request is we so many other users are also requires your views and opinions. So please ensure you are giving priority for well articulated mails and serve more users. Yes i do agree i ask many follow up questions but it should take us to next level and not at the same place and waste our time. Hope you consider my request.

  5. Dear Bhavana, please check how much prem. you w’d have to pay for the 50L cover for the 2 policies discussed by you & compare it with the prem. for term cover for same 50L Rs. sum assured & investing the remaining amount in pure investment instruments like PPF, MFs etc.

    In case of PPF, please check your own portfolio for Eq. & Debt ratio & based upon that & your own comfort level, decide the optimum mix of debt (PPF, PF, Debt MFs……..) in your portfolio.



  6. says:

    Thanks again. I am thinking of getting another 50 lacs term plan for myself. So apart from that, please suggest whether it would be good for me to invest in MF s as stated above or the 2 plans or maybe in some secure funds like PPF?

  7. Dear Bhavana, before commenting on the 2 plans asked by you, Please answer –

    19K mly means 1.14L Rs. in 6 months just for your home loan EMI. Do you really feel that your emergency funding of 1.5L Rs. is sufficient?

    Keeping in view the EMI for for your home loan, the amount of loan should be anywhere from 18 to 22L Rs. based upon this loan input & the annual income figure, your term cover requirement is at least 1 Crore Rs. if not less.

    Coming to your query for the 2 plans, please try to get the prem. figure for this 1Crore Rs. sum assured or for the difference sum assured of 50L Rs. as you are already covered by the 50L sum assured though a term plan.

    Please post your reply & I’ll try to help you more.



  8. Dear Madhumita, You may start investing on mly basis in following 3 MFs.

    HDFC top 200 Fund Growth
    Franklin India Bluechip Fund Growth
    Quantum Long Term Eq. Fund Growth

    Personally for 7L Rs. yly income, I’m not comfortable for your term plan of just 50L Rs. In my view it should be at least 10-12 times of your yly income i.e. some where 75 to 80L Rs. at least. Add the loan amount in it if you do have some in the form of car or home loan.

    I do not know that you do have some emergency funding or not. But try to maintain a 6 month emergency funding i.e. all your expenses including EMIs & prem. etc + normal living expenses amount should be kept in a SB account having auto sweep FD facility.

    As you did not ask for health or Gen. insurance, I’m restricting myself on that count.



    1. says:

      Thanks for your response. Yes I have a home loan for which I am paying Rs19000 as EMI. I have 1.5 lacs as sweep-in FD which I have kept for emergency purposes.

      I need your suggestions regarding the following products:
      1.Aviva Freedom Life Advantage
      2. ICICI Life Stage Wealth II

  9. says:

    Thanks for your suggestions but i feel it is of no use to me or anyone who is looking for some serious advice on investment planning. If I really wanted to stick with fixed return products like Bank FD & post office schemes, I won’t have posted it on this forum. I want to invest my regular savings on some growth funds. It will be nice if you can provide some worthy suggestions.

    1. says:

      Hi Ashal,
      I went through your reply and I hope you can suggest some good investment plans for me. I am 30 yrs old and my annual income is 7lacs.I have one ICICI and one AVIVA policy whose premium I have paid for the last 5 yrs. So I won’t be paying anymore in these policies.I also have a term insurance of 50 lacs . Hence I need some purely investment options.

  10. Ankur Lakhia says:


    What sort of question is this? Your question is too vague to provide meaningful answer for anyone. You need to spell out what exactly you are looking for. Are you looking for investing some surplus money as lumpsum or are you planing to invest your regular savings? What are your objectives for doing this investment & time horizon for the same? In another words, are you planning for any near term goal or for any goal far in future? What is your level of understanding / familiarity with various investment options? Will you be able to digest roller coster ride of the market linked products? etc etc. Unlesss you spell out such details, I do not think any one would be able to suggest anything. If you are not able to clearly tell anything, I suggest you stick with fixed return products like Bank FD & post office schemes.

  11. says:

    I am looking for a MF or any ULIP policy. Please suggest.

    1. Dear Madhumita, Some more questions – your current age, your time horizon for the investments, your risk appetite.

      As you include ULIP in your reply, May I know the annual income you are earning right now & the sum assured you are having from your existing policies if any? Your current loan liabilities, your marital status, your family size, your loan liabilities? Above all, do you want to invest a lump sum or regular amount & what’s the possible amount?

      I’m sorry, if you feel that I’m asking too many questions but not answering your query directly. I want to provide an answer based upon your own requirements. Any generic advice to invest here or there ‘ll not work, hence I’m avoiding to giving any such generic one.



  12. Dear madhumita.mohona, on serious note, may I ask, what product are you looking for? Is it a MF or an Insurance policy or a get rich quick kind scheme?



  13. Dear madhumita.mohona, I’m also searching for one. Please do tell me if you come across any.



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