Best Financial Planning Blog

POSTED BY rakesh ON October 22, 2010 9:56 pm COMMENTS (7)

We have over 100 financial planning blogs, need your honest advise on which is your favourite.

My vote goes to JagoInvestor.



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  1. nilesh balkrishna kawade says:

    i am 23 years old and able to save rs.3500 pm please advise me where to invest ?
    so that i can earn good returns.i have demat account also.

  2. Ashish says:

    How can you forget Deepak Shenoy

    This guy is damn good (i think).

  3. Jagadees says:

    In addition to the above, i would suggest for the beginners in the stock market investment. I want to thank jagoinvestor for introducing and shyamscolumn to me.

    what u guys think?

    1. Jagadees

      Yes , shyamscolumn is another great one to read , but frequency is very less 🙂 . but its gold 🙂

      Other good places to read are :

  4. Rakesh

    Check , its my favorite, Subra talks inside stuff , less images more of text , but he is a experienced person and knows the internals , Read Jagoinvestor and subramoney to complete the deal 🙂


    1. Kavita says:

      I agree on this, though the style is different in both the blogs. Also for a newcomer into financial planning, jagoinvestor would be much more easy to read and understand. Thanks Manish! I also am a fan of Thanks Mr Subra.

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