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I have opened 8 savings & salary accounts in different banks in the last 6 years as needed and now I want to close 4 accounts in those as I am not using them for a long time.

The point is I have some money in those accounts but not sure of the amount. The other issues with those accounts are that I forgot the Pin No’s of those Debit cards and I can’t go personally toas those banks as they are well distant from my present location.

Is there any way by which I can close and get my money which is there in those accounts


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  1. Dear Mohan, do you have account nos. of all these bank accounts with you? If yes, please visit the nearest branch of the same banks in your present city & ask for transfer of your old accts. to your new location. Once the acct. are transferred to new location, please close the accounts one by one. Please do note just withdrawing the money does not mean that acct. is closed. You w’d have to apply in written.



  2. BanyanFA says:

    Just withdrawing amount from a bank account will not close them. Infact it will do you more harm as the banks shall start charging you for non maintenance of minimum balance. Considering that you will not be following such banks (as you would think them to be closed), the banks will mark you as a defaulter and will affect your credit history affecting your ability to draw any credit in future.

    Better option – call each of the bank and ask for the procedure. I am sure that you can do it even on a postal basis.

    1. Mohan says:

      Thanks for the reply. My real intention is to close the accounts which I will do with a written application but before that I want to make sure to withdraw the left out amount in those accounts.

      1. Dear Mohan, please transfer your accts. to your city & then act accordingly.



  3. Call the banks and find out if you can send a written letter for closure and authorize a person to collect the cheque for the closure amt or better still if they could do a NEFT to a preferred bank account. If they agree great, else you need to go.

    I have closed my mothers accounts only with a letter from her. So it should be possible.

    The other option is to write to the bank asking them to reset the debt card pins. If they agree based on the letter then the new pin will be delivered to you.

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