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POSTED BY kamalnayak ON July 9, 2012 11:55 am COMMENTS (4)

I have taken Bajaj Allianz InvestPlus Premier in 2010 and that time the rate of interest available in the scheme was 7%, now it is 2 years old and my 3rd premium is due, is it worthwhile to continue in this scheme, or should I opt for surrendering this policy,

Pls suggest.

Thanks; Kamal

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  1. Dear Kamal, as the policy in question is not old more than 3Y, the surrender charges ‘ll be very high. Please check your policy bond to read & understand the surrender charge. By the way, May I know what prompted you to invest in this policy at that time? Was it insurance or investment? What’s the sum assured in this plan for you & how much prem. you are paying?



    1. kamalnayak says:

      Thanks Ashal for your reply, I have taken it for SA 10Lacs with yearly premium of 50K for 20 years, as it was a guaranteed plan, I opted for it. You know when our economy develops the rate on interest will comedown but this policy will give guaranteed return, there is one more benefit is from 10th yr onward there is loyalty addition. Keeping all these in mind I have opted for this.

      But now I see there are better plans available in the market.
      Now if a discontinue or surrender this I will not gain anything.

      Do you any other option at this situation?


      1. Dear Kamal, may i know your yly income, yly expenses, total sum assured from all policies, loan liabilities, no. of dependents.



      2. Ramesh says:

        I have an advise.

        Have a holistic and strategic view of your finances and your portfolio, rather than trying to get some good tactical things/plans etc.

        Rule number 1 – Never lose money.
        Rule number 2 – Never forget rule 1.

        (-Warren Buffett).

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