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POSTED BY Vimal P N ON April 2, 2012 2:24 pm COMMENTS (10)

Hi every one,
I have some doubts regarding Aviva I life plan which I took few days back.
My age is 29 and the sum assured(SA) is 5000000.
As per my understanding I was to undergo a compulsory medical for sum assured more than 50lac
I was waiting for the same after getting policy proposal.
For my surprise the policy was approved without any medical tests.
I contacted the customer care and they said that medicals are not required for my age and this sum assured.
Was my understanding of compulsory medical test for SA more than 50lac wrong?
Or is it the company’s call weather to conduct the medicals whatever the sum assured may be?
I would like to know weather not taking medicals can create any problem in future during a claim.

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  1. Jassi says:

    Really great to see Aviva replying…

    shows the growing popularity of Jagoinvestor!!! 🙂

    I feel happy be engaged in this forum regularly.

  2. Ramprakash says:

    @ Aviva India

    While trying to buy an online term policy for 1 crore through the aviva site, I could not find the options to add any rider? Could you guide where am I missing this option.


  3. CJ says:

    Glad to see Aviva India replying to queries 🙂

  4. Vimal P N says:

    Ok. Thanks everyone for the replies

  5. Aviva India says:

    Dear Mr. Vimal,

    In reference to your question above, please note that Medicals are a requirement for specific age and sum assured combination. Since your age, and sum assured did not fall under the ambit of ‘Medicals required’, the policy was issued to you.

    In case you have any further questions, please contact us on onlinepolicy@avivaindia.com or customerservices@avivaindia.com stating your policy number.

    Customer Services Team
    Aviva India

  6. Vimal

    Note that medicals will be done or not depends on few things like SA , Your medical history, age , what you declared , nature of job etc etc .. if most of the things point out that you are a safe bet , then medicals are not required. But as a general rule , its seen that for more than 50 lacs SA , medicals are generally done . This does not mean that there cant be cases where medicals are compulsory .

    If your age is low , job is secure , your declaration says that your are perfectly fit and no bad family history , even if your SA is 50 lacs , the medicals are not done .

    Now coming to the point , Dont worry so much , as you didnt had any medical issues , there wont be any issues .


  7. rmohan80@gmail.com says:

    Hi vimal,

    If you’ve been already issued policy then it means medical test is not required. Usually all these are done before issuance of the policy



  8. Vimal P N says:

    But for aegon religare i term plan I have noticed that once your SA is 50lac medicals are compulsory.
    I thought it will be same with Aviva.
    But not much information is available in their website in this regard.

    1. Dear Vimal, T&C of Aegon should be not be assumed same for Aviva by you. As rightly pointed out to you by the insurer itself that for your age & the SA combination, the medical tests are not required. As long as, if you have filled up your proposal form honestly & truthfully, no reason to worry.



  9. To be short 50 lacs is not > 50 lacs which explains there was no medical test.

    May be for a 75 lac cover they may have insisted on medical test but these tests are done usually done BEFORE the policy issued.

    As long as you have honestly declared everything you should be fine.

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