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POSTED BY Abhi C ON April 4, 2012 3:39 am COMMENTS (8)

one of my brothers had recently applied for aviva i-life online and has a problem.The policy proposal form had space to declare only 2 current insurance policies contrary to the 6 my brother has(one of which is a term plan for 5lakh)

He mentioned 2 policies in the proposal form and sent the remaining details to aviva via mail.The aviva people say that they have received the mail and would consider the data while processing the policy.But are not sure if the all the policies would be a part of the final policy bond tht i would receive.But then what written proof do we have that we had disclosed all the policies other than the mail?

What should he do?…or is it not an issue..i think it can be an issue

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  1. CJ says:

    I think for this matter you should get in touch with Aviva India directly and they will help you out.

  2. Aviva India says:

    Dear Sir,

    We have received the details from the policy holder, and also sent them the acknowledgement letter dated 04.04.2012.

    In case there are any concerns, please feel free to email us at customerservices@avivaindia.com or call us on 1800-180-2266 / 0124-2709046.

  3. Aviva India says:

    Dear Sir,

    In reference to your question above, you can share the following with the policyholder, and this is also for your information- Please note that as of now, up to 2 policies’ details can be shared on the iLife application page. As stated by you, our customer service team has received details of your other policies.

    Please note, policy details are not a part of the policy bond, and are needed for information and underwriting purpose. Please share the Proposal no. of the policy with us on onlinepolicy@avivaindia.com, quoting the proposal number, and we can send an acknowledgement of having received these documents.

    Further, we would consider adding the option of adding more policies’ details on the iLife application page. In case you have any further queries or feedback, you or the policy holders can also contact us on customerservices@avivaindia.com

    Customer Services Team
    Aviva India

  4. Dear Abhi, FYI please, as your brother had declared all the policies through mail, Aviva people ‘ll definitely consider all policies before underwriting their own policy. No reason to worry. In fact, if the total sum assured from all policies including new Aviva policy is more than 20 times multiple of yly sum assured, they ‘ll cross check with you.



    1. Abhi C says:

      I am happy to see a direct reply from aviva and my brother seems to be satisfied with the reply but there is one more issue which i wish to bring to light.

      The height in the proposal form needs to be corrected as there was an error in measuring his height while filling the form.I contacted online policy and they said that they have received the mail regarding the correction and will consider it while evaluating the policy.

      But they told me that once the proposal form is filled , it could not be changed.
      does that mean that the policy bond would contain the wrong height?
      i think this is a serious issue.If it is not satisfactorily solved,i have advised him to cancel his policy in the Free look period. his proposal no is NUP75063254

      What do u think ASHAL?

      1. Dear Abhi, as your brother has already updated his correct height to the insurer, the same ‘ll be considered. On your part for extra safety, as & when the policy bond is received, please check that there is mention of this height thing. Yes Aviva people are right that any info given by you in online proposal can’t be changed in the form filled by you. Yes you may provide additional info as & when demanded from you by the insurer. That I can say confidently from my personal experience with Aviva.



        1. Abhi C says:

          ” On your part for extra safety, as & when the policy bond is received, please check that there is mention of this height thing “…

          din get wat u are trying to say?because if they will not change the height in the proposal form, how would they mention it in the policy bond?

          1. Dear Abhi C, I do hope that the replies given by Aviva, are enough to clear your doubts.



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