Asset replacement fund

POSTED BY Ajinkya Darshane ON July 12, 2012 9:48 pm COMMENTS (4)

I just read subra’s article on asset replacement fund –

what do u think..i request all the eminent experts like ashal, ramesh, manish to share their views on this

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  1. Dear Ajinkya, the idea is simple. As it’s simple, our brains are tuned in the way that we may start for this idea but very soon we ‘ll lose interest in this idea & ‘ll switch over to a new idea. Please do feel the undercurrent of what dear Subra wants to convey. The couple in question kept investing, kept increasing their mly investment figure & no matter what the Mr. Market was doing in 2004-2007, 2008, 2009, they just kept investing. Of course redeemed also as per their choice to purchase in between.

    To understand the idea of envelope, please read the book of dear Manish.



  2. Ajinkya Darshane says:

    @ manish – can u throw some light on what “envelope system” is all about?

  3. Ramesh says:

    I find the idea a very good one.

    Easy in concept, and i really think easy to implement too.

    But it is easy to start doing a lot of things after reading a thing, but difficult to sustain. Write it up in your financial plan, and see if you can follow it.


  4. Thats a very nice idea .. But this needs too much of discipline and dedication , not that easy truely speaking ! .

    The whole idea is to have a seperate fund which is for a short term goal like buying furniture , expenses of your house , children fees and you need to take money out of only that particular fund . This is very much same like the envelope system !

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