any Life insurance agent for Kotak/SBI ?

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I am looking for an agent information from Kotak or SBI for taking Term insurance plan. Anyone has any info? I am from Pune and current status is non-resident. I will be available in india in the month of november 2010.

(I follow this blog closely and I hope the agent would also be following the information/ guidelines from this blog and inturn guide me accordingly 🙂 )

thanks in advance


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  1. Amol says:


    thanks for the detail information

    few question
    considering long term horizon which is say 25 or 30 years for insurance how reliable it is to buy insurance polices from these online agent. Buying online from company itself is different case, I think. I understand the fact that the policy is going to be in existence no matter what happens to online agents tomorrow(correct me if i am wrong).

    — is there any other benefit do u know/see buying from these online agent ?

    I would appreciate if you could provide me details of 1-2 good agents that you know properly.

    again, thanks for you help. It counts!


  2. Amol

    You dont need physical agents to get insurance policy , you can take policy from online companies like or which are nothing but agents only , so you can pay the premium only , settle the claim online etc .

    there is not need of any agent whom you have to meet physically , btw, incase you dont get anyone , you can just dial to “JUSTDIAL” and tell them , just like bees , agents will fly and come 🙂

    Btw , you there are some peopel in pune whom I might know , I can connect with you .


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