Any good financial Planner in Delhi?

POSTED BY Atin Sehgal ON January 4, 2013 5:14 pm COMMENTS (3)



Does any one knows any good financial Planner.

I need one for financial planning for next fiscal year.

Please mail me /reply me at


Thanks and regards




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  1. Atin Sehgal says:

    Thanks FFC and Ashal.

    @ashal I am a newbie as far as finance is considered.

    I was thinking that for Next Fy and also for few years I should have a roadmap in front of me.
    I am open to both online as well as offline channel.

    Ultimately at the end of he day I want to have a course correction with respect to my finance since I have medical issue with my son and I was only thinking how to secure him for future as well current requirements.

    Looking forward to having some suggestion/ advice on this aspect.


  2. Dear Atin, is it for next FY only or for next few years? please clarify. Do you really feel offline planner ‘ll do good or can you go with online ones?



  3. You could search one here

    You could ask for a reference to make a judgment.

    Most planners operate online these days and Manish/Nandish could just as well do the job for you! (I dont get any commission from them!)

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