Accidental insurance policy suggestions?

POSTED BY Yogesh ON April 4, 2012 4:04 pm COMMENTS (5)

I have decided to buy an accidental insurance policy but I have few doubts and queries

Name: Yogesh, DOB: 15-09-1983, Annual Income: 7.5 laces, married and one child

1. I have a group health insurance policy from my employer where I am covered for personal accidental insurance for 18 laces (Death, PTD, and PPD). Do I need to have another self policy?

2. If yes is answer of above question then what should be SA.

3. Can I have both policies together and will there be any issue while making claim from both policies?

4. Or should I opt for accidental rider in my term plan (going to buy very soon)?

5. Which one will be good to choose among

Future Accident Suraksha – Personal Accident Insurance (low premium)
Apollo Individual Personal Accident Insurance – Standard
Nagrik Suraksha Insurance

6. My permanent address is of Lucknow and I work in Gurgaon (rented). Where should I buy this policy from, because rented address can be changed any time?

7. If I buy any policy in Gurgaon can it be claimed anywhere else like in Lucknow by nominee?

8. Do they accept claim for incidents like natural calamity (like Earthquake, flood, landslide, tsunami etc), Terrorist attack.

Please provide your valuable answers on these points.
Thanks in advance.

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  1. Yogesh says:

    Hi Ashal,

    First of all thanks for reply.

    I am Software Engg. in Gurgaon buy my rented address keep changing due to company change or location change.

    Please suggest me point wise as per questions if possible (please spare some time , will be great full to you).

    It will help me lot to take decision.

    1. Dear Yogesh, as your job profile does not involves a lot of travelling like Sales persons, you may have a moderate Sum assured say 15-20L in your PAP. That’s my view & you are free to accept it or reject it altogether.

      Trying to answer your questions –

      1. Yes It’s advisable to have an individual policy.
      2. Any SA which you are comfortable at.
      3. Yes, & there ‘ll not an issue to claim from both policies except for the paper work to be done to file claim with both the insurers. 🙂
      4. No, personally I’m not comfortable with ADDBR purchased with your Term plan. Reason – In case of Rider, it’s a one time affair & there too the definition of accident is very limited. For details please check the exact policy wordings of a rider & a plain vanilla PAP.
      5. Anything is good if you are comfortable with that Insurer. Based upon the positive feedback available online, you may chose Bajaj.
      6. As PAP is a regular renewal thing, you have the option to purchase it from current residential address & may update any address change as & when it happens, to your insurer.
      7. Yes, the claim can be filed from a different location, but it’s advisable to keep updated address in your PAP.
      8. Please check individual policy wordings for exact coverage details from the insurer of your choice.



      1. Yogesh says:

        Thanks a lot for clearing my doubts.

        I have been reading your thoughts on various questions and topic and i like them most.

        You are genuinely a great person.

        1. Dear Yogesh, glad to know that I am able to help you. Please keep questioning & more than that, bring more & more of your friends to help them from this forum. After all this forum belongs to you & all other people who are asking their queries.



  2. Dear Yogesh, PAP of a high sum assured should be bought if your job involves a lot of travelling be it inter city or intra city? Please clarify this aspect about you.



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