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dear sir..

i am planning to invest 10000 in hdfc top 200 as monthly SIP. all i want to know is if i can stop paying after 10 or 15 yrs of investment and just watch the money grow in there and withdraw after n number of years… also the returns from such SIP’s ..is it taxable…?? when i take  the same money (returns ) and put to some annuity fund from which i suppose to be earning a pension …what is the tax criteria??

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  1. Dear Saren, the taxation of your redemption ‘ll depend on the tax rules prevailing at that point of time. No future prediction can be done as of now for next 15-20-25 years.



  2. Rosh says:

    Dear Mohan,

    LTCG of equity MF is Tax free. A detailed article written by Mr. Hemanth Baniwal regarding taxation of MF http://www.tflguide.com/2011/12/mutual-fund-taxation-in-india.html.


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