Step Up SIP Calculator

If you increase your investments every years (which is quite natural), this calculator will tell you how much wealth can you gather by investing regularly for N number of years.


What is Step-Up Calculator?

Step Up calculator is a calculator that gives you the future value of your SIP investments if you increase your SIP periodically by a given percentage.

Why Step-Up SIP is necessary?

SIP or the systematic investment plan helps you to compound your investment in order to build your wealth. However, when you step up your SIP investments periodically they have the chances of even building greater wealth for you. The other reason is as you grow your income also grows so your savings should also increase proportionately therefore you should top up your SIP periodically.

Advantages of Step-Up SIP

  1. One of the main advantage of the Step-Up SIP is that your saving increases to a great extent and through this way you tend to create a long term wealth.
  2. It naturally inculcates discipline of investing more when you are earning more otherwise this excess money could have been spent in an unproductive things.