Proof of seeding Aadhar to bank account

How do we ensure that the seeding of Aadhar number with savings bank account is completed and that account is ready to receive subsidy under Direct Benefit Transfer?

Bank passbook does not have any indicator saying “Aadhar enabled” or “Aadhar seeded”

Nor does UIDAI sent any email or SMS saying “Thank you for linking your account ending XXXX with Aadhar. You can now receive subsidy in the account under Direct Benefits Transfer scheme”

In my case, the bank has refused to confirm whether the seeding of Aadhar is complete and the account is ready to receive subsidy. UIDAI lowest level to highest level have refused to read or reply to the emails sent. They cannot even confirm whether my Aadhar number has started showing any linkages with any bank account. So is their job only to issue me a number and not do anything with that number later on?

If I have more than one account seeded with my Aadhar number, which account will the subsidy get credited is not known to me nor does UIDAI tell me. In such cases, the customer should be allowed to choose or check “primary account” and that account should receive subsidy. It seems such a feature is a bouncer for UIDAI if they understand correctly.

Has India rushed too much with respect to Aadhar and UID without homework? Laminated Aadhar letters have not reached even in 6 or 8 months, banks refuse to accept eAadhar printout as proof of Aadhar and UIDAI says that eAadhar is valid proof. Almost 37 crore Aadhar letters do not display entire Date of Birth but only Year of Birth.

Want to know some views on the above!

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  1. astrosunil

    Hi, I had opted for opening a post bank account when applying Aadhar card(ticked the box for this option). I have received the aadhar card, but there is no info about the post bank savings account number etc. any special benefits or this will be a normal savings bank accnt linked to aadhar ?

    @ Jassi, Sorry this is not the forum to ask about indane gas, but can you tell the procedure for applying the same ? Is the service good ?

  2. Kirubhakaran Sundarrajan

    Hi Bunker & Jassi,

    As of now, there is no way for a customer i.e. Saving Account holder (Indian Citizen) to know or check whether Aadhaar is seeded in his or her SB account.

    May be in future, UIDAI & NPCI will enable a citizen portal, where people can log in and modify their preferred bank details and Banks will send SMS alerts for confirmation of Aadhaar Linking.

    If you have more than one account in the same Bank, Aadhaar will be linked to your preferred account in that Bank.

    If you have given your Aadhaar to more than one Bank, say Axis, SBI, etc.., then Aadhaar updation will be based on the method “LAST IN FIRST OUT” . i.e. the last bank, where you have given the Aadhaar will be considered.

    With regards

  3. Jassi

    I had the same doubt.
    I checked the status online……
    I have Indane gas, and it shows a status online whether
    1> Aadhar has been seeded with Gas agency
    2> Aadhar has been seeded with Bank.

    Before, I linked my Aadhar to my bank account, the status showed red light.
    After I submitted my Aadhar details to the bank, the status turned green; Not immediately, but 2 weeks after linking the same.

    Hope this helps.


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