LTA – Can I claim LTA in FY 2012-2013 for travel taken in FY 2011-2012

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My company had asked me to submit Investment Proofs, so that they can calculate my tax liability; however I came across one issue and need your help on LTA.
I had taken Leaves starting from 17-Dec-2011 to 4-Jan-2012 and went for travel. I do have all the proofs (Tickets, Leave details, etc) available with me and I had never claimed LTA benefits earlier. I had also opted for LTA in my Salary. I am planning to claim LTA exemption for FY 2012-2013; however I had left my earlier company and joined another company in June-2012.
Now my new employer is insisting that I can’t claim these benefits here in new organization. Their reply is “Section 10 Exemptions are the ones which an employee cannot be carried forward claim if the employee is moved to other entity. As these are the exemptions related to corresponding earnings earned in that particular entity; you will have to claim the exemptions for it in that entity only”.
However when I searched on internet I found that irrespective of employment change, I can still claim LTA benefits in new organization.

  1. How to get LTA exemption in case of employment change? 
  2. If still my employer doesn’t allow claiming LTA now, Can I get refund from IT department after filling ITR?
  3. I went for Travel in Last Financial Year (i.e. 2011-2012), Can I still claim LTA benefits in current Financial Year (i.e. 2012-2013)? Our company Finance department is saying that Employee has claim LTA in same FY in which he / she went for travel.
Awaiting for your feedback.
Thank You.

Rushikesh Kulkarni

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  1. R Kulkarni says:

    thanks for your reply.

  2. You can claim LTA twice in a block of 4 years. The current block is Jan 2010 – Dec 2013.
    (note calender years not financial years)
    So you can claim it in FY 2012-2013
    Your new employer should take LTA into account. If they don’t you can claim it as a refund in
    your tax return.

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