Funds india Equity Review vs ICICI direct?

POSTED BY Rama ON April 27, 2013 10:42 am COMMENTS (5)


I am using icici direct for Demat and trading
funds india for Mutual fund..

i had some shares hold in icici direct account,but not an active user.. just hold it..

1) had any body using Funds india equity for demat? pls share your feedback? let me know is there any drawbacks for converting to funds india equity compare to using icici direct

2) already had some shares on NSE, but is it possible to transfer to this a/c, it supports only BSE shares?

3) I see that compare to ICICI, funds india had low maintiance charges, is it worth to shift ?



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  1. Dear Rama, I have not used fundsindia Eq. platform for myself so can not comment beyond this point.



  2. Dear Rama, I’m not an active stock investor. Hardly 1 purchase in a year. In fact did not purchase at all for past 2Y. I’m using I-Direct for direct Eq. investing. For MF needs, I’m using fundsindia as of now. Regarding the shifting of your Eq. trading from, you may do so. The only drawback ‘ll be fund shifting from fundsindia to your linked bank acct. ‘ll not be instant. (This is common issue with all the non bank brokers. Be it S’khan or Indiabulls or IIFL….)



    1. Rama says:

      Hi ashal,

      Thanks for your reply…

      if only amount transfer is not instant,.no issues, i can wait…

      because i am not active user in shares.. had worth of shares 2L which are taken long back of 3 yrs , Hold it for now , planing to sell when it gets good value.

      No new purchases after that (not understand better stocks, )
      i am investing in MF SIPS every month via Funds India..

      as ICICI direct having yearly maintenance charges also more…so thinking of converting to Funds India Equity..

      i will apply for transfer to this new account..

      Do you see any other drawback while transferring ?

      1. gurusomal says:

        Dear Rama,
        Just came across this thread of yours about Funds-India.
        I too am not a frequent trader, and I am shortlisting Funds-India for equity account.
        It’s been sometime since you planned the above transfer.
        If you can please share your experience so far trading with them/about their equity account, it will be really helpful. I will wait for your suggestion.

        (Also, are they good and ‘Safe’ for Mutual Funds as well?)

        Thanking you in advance!

    2. Syamantak says:

      I’m not sure about fundsindia but I use sharekhan and during the working days the fund transfer towards share khan in immediate (though while the withdrawal, they take 1 day 🙂 )

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