How I failed into stock trading and 4 amazing things you can learn from my experience

Today you are going to learn some valuable lessons of stock market trading from experiences of a person who traded in stock markets for 1.5 yrs and failed miserably during those 1.5 yrs. This person is no one else, but myself Background Let me share my story Sometime in June 2007, I got recruited in […]


Worst 5 yr period in Stock markets – Are you happy with your Investments ?

Most of the people are worried about their Mutual funds, ULIPs and direct stocks returns. In the last 5 yrs, Stock Markets have been so bad that literally no mutual fund has given a good return in last 3-5 yrs , except few. I recently saw a reader asking this question I have been going through […]


5 difference between stock & mutual funds Investing

When we say Equity, what comes to your mind – Stock or Equity Mutual Fund? While a single stock or a mutual fund both comes under the category of Equity and they are good option for long-term investment and needs periodic review. There are some differences between stock investing and mutual fund investing that is […]


How stock scams works in India

I will teach you how stock scams work today and for that Let me declare something – “After years of study and hard work, I have come up with a strategy which can predict stock markets movement with almost 100% accuracy. Each month I can tell you which way market will move in next 30 […]


Why HUL has become Hindu Unilever Ltd

Do you know of any stock in India which has not moved in last 10 yrs ? Hindustan Unilever is one of them ! . Successful investors like Warren Buffett always advocate the importance of investing in stocks for the long term and not just getting in and out of the stock. But more than […]


What are different sectors in stock market

Which one among Reality sector and Banking sector has given more returns in last 5 yrs and 10 yrs with lump sum and SIP way of investing ? Have you ever tried to find out which sectors among indian indices are doing well and which are not ? In this data-oriented article will take you […]


Is Stock Market Crash on the way ? [ 4 charts ]

Did you invest in ELSS recently for tax saving ? If you have done that with intention of getting quick great returns in 3 yrs and then liquidate the funds, you might not like this article. Indian stock markets are seeing some serious sell offs in last 1-2 months and there are some reasons for […]


5 mistakes I made in my first stock market Investment

Do you remember your first stock market trade and how you behaved at the time? Just like you, even I, have made some really stupid mistakes in stock market Investment. Today, I would like to share some mistakes (only the big ones 🙂 ) which I made during my first trade in stock markets. Its […]


How easy is Decision Making in Stock Market ? [Video]

I had an opportunity to hear Parag Parikh this week and I learnt that how human psychology is the biggest factor which determines his decisions when it comes to investments . From the stock markets point of view he gave some good examples and reasons why investors behave irrationally. Here is a very nice video […]


Making sense of the market through Sensex at MRP

In the previous article, we looked at Stocks@MRP and how a stock can have a price tag. Moving further, we now discuss how the concept of Stocks@MRP has been extended even to the benchmark index : Sensex . Also there is an example of one stock each considerably above and below its MRP. The inherent […]


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