What to look while you choose a mutual fund :)

One of my readers was confused with the question “Which mutual fund should he invest in through SIP ? ” He started an SIP of 1000 in Reliance Regular Saving mutual fund , suggested by an agent . How was his investment? It is a mistake or a good decision? This is a common problem […]


How to choose Mutual Funds for tax saving purpose

95% of the salaried people are rushing to invest for tax saving (India) . 5% of smart people have already done it (like me) . The biggest rush I know must be still for LIC polices and PPF because very less people in India invest in Mutual funds still .. In my earlier posts I […]


Exceptional Returns from GILT FUNDS

During the last 5-6 months GILT funds have given returns like Equity funds … Something around 20-40% in last 5-6 months … And they are almost safe on downside … Lets see more on this Read : 5 mistakes of my first trade What are GILT Funds ? A mutual fund that invests in several […]


All Tax Saving Mutual funds are not same !!!

All Tax Saving Mutual funds are not same !!! This post targets those who already know ELSS or Taxsaver mutual funds. But many people do not know that not all ELSS are same. They might know that Tax saver funds are Diversified equity Mutual funds , yes they are !!! But still they can be […]


Advantages and Disadvantages of Mutual Funds

Before investing in mutual funds an investor should understand if it suits his requirement of not . Therefore one should go through all the advantages and disadvantages of mutual funds . Advantages of Mutual Funds Management: One of the biggest advantage is that in very low cost the investor gets his investment managed by experts. […]


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