Not disclosing your old Insurance policy can lead to Claim Rejection

Everyone makes mistakes and are not aware about it ! . A lot of people who buy more than one insurance policies, do not declare about their existing policies to the new company. Some do this because they are not aware about this “compulsory” rule, but some do it intentionally! & there are some who […]


Why you should take more than 50 lacs of term insurance

Are you planning to buy a term insurance for less than 50 lacs of sum assured? I would suggest better take it for more than 50 lacs sum assured and there are two main reasons for it- which I will share with you in a moment. A lot of people who want to split their life […]


Should you repurchase a new Term Plan ?

Did you buy a term plan few years back? Many of you did. Aegon Religare was the first company to launch its term plan in India and from that point, lots of companies have launched their online term plans. Recently I got a comment from one of the reader who had bought his term plan […]


Meaning of different Term Insurance Riders !

There are different kinds of insurance riders and the common question is “Which insurance riders should I take?” . This is not a question I or anyone else can answer for you. This has to be decided by you and no one else. All you need to know is what exactly a rider is and what […]


Why some agents pay your first year premium ?

While replying to some of the comments 2 days back, something caught my attention. One of the reader wanted my opinion on what he should do with his Jeevan Saral Policy for which the first premium was paid by the agent and future premiums were to be paid by him. As this happened recently in Jan 2012 […]


LIC Jeevan Ankur Review

LIC Jeevan Ankur (Plan 807) is the new traditional Children Plan from LIC. It has come at the right time when most of the people look for investing their money for tax savings and given the right time (markets doing bad), it is expected to get a lot of interest from parents looking for parking […]


Download a Comprehensive Term Insurance EBook – FREE

Today we are publishing our first ebook give away. We listed down all the possible things a person want to know about a term plan and made ebook out of it. You can see the cover page of the Term insurance ebook here . Its a 19 page ebook with different term plan related points […]


The reason why premiums of Online Term Insurance Plan are cheap !

So let’s just come to the point directly! Why the hell on this earth are these Online Term Insurance Plan premiums so cheap? Sometimes even 25-30% of what an offline term insurance plan costs. So now, think hard! What are the factors which make Online Term Insurance Plan premiums so cheap? You will hear most of the […]


LIC of India policy status on SMS

Do you want to get your LIC Policy Status and  details by SMS ? If yes, now there is some good news for you , you can get basic information about your LIC policy very easily by sending an SMS. You can get general information like Bonus amount vested till date , details of nominations […]


iCare : new online term plan from ICICI Pru

ICICI Prudential has launched their new online term plan called “I-Care”, which will replace its old term plan called the “i-Protect” (read iprotect review). This new i-Care term plan has some interesting features like no medical examination till the age of 50 and up to 1.5 crores of sum assured can be taken. Features of […]


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