Why most investors fail to produce wealth?

  1. Lack of discipline
  2. No clear sense of Direction
  3. Lack of Accountability
  1. Victim of mis-selling
  2. Over-sold and over communicated
  3. Fail to make their money work harder
  1. Victim of instant gratification
  2. Lack of Knowledge
  3. Not able to save enough

"To live a good financial life all you need is a
Robust structure....Here it is. This is it. FINSCORE is nothing but a structure. You need nothing more than FINSCORE to manage your over all financial life"

Finscore benefit

who can benefit from finscore?

Finscore is for everyone from beginners, intermediate or advanced level investor

Who can benefit

Those who just started their career

Those who feel thier financials life needs to be fixed

Those who want to do financials planning

Investors in their mid 40's who want to find out if they are on right path

Who are our clients

Software Engineers


Management professionals

Business class

Govt employees

Marketing and financial employees

All kind of salaried people