LIC New Children Money Back Plan (Table 832)- Review, Eligibility & Benefits

LIC New Children Money Back Plan is specially designed to meet the growing children needs such as educational, marriage and others through Survival Benefits. One of the essential benefits of this plan is to provide the risk cover on the life of the child during the policy term and for a number of survival benefits on surviving to the end of the specified duration. Important Features of LIC New Children Money Back Plan – (Table 832) Maturity Benefit – A maturity benefit equivalent to the sum assured and all bonuses accrued during this period will be paid. Survival Benefit – […] READ MORE

HDFC Life Easy Health (Critical Illness) – Review, Features and Benefits

We all know the famous phrase, “Health is Wealth”. every aspect of our life depends on our good health, whether it is a career, job or family life. As our environment is rapidly advancing to a different era, there is a lot of change in our lifestyle. Change in our lifestyle has led to various health conditions, thus imposing an extra financial burden on the family. Health Insurance plays a very crucial role to ensure that you have financial stability even if you get diagnosed with a critical illness. Keeping the various health conditions in mind, HDFC has developed a […] READ MORE

HDFC life Super Savings Plan – Review, Benefits and Eligibility

HDFC Life Super Saving Plan is a regular premium paying with profit endowment plan. The plan provides financial protection against untimely demise throughout the policy term along with the flexibility to choose the policy term. What are the key features of this plan? Flexibility to choose a policy term for 15 to 30 years Insurance coverage throughout the policy term Double sum assured in case of accidental death Maturity benefits with reversionary bonuses and terminal bonus What this product offers? It offers an opportunity to participate in the profit of the participating funds of the company by way of bonuses […] READ MORE

LIC New Jeevan Anand Plan (Table 815) – Review, Features and Benefits

LIC Jeevan Anand Policy is a mixture of Endowment Assurance and Whole Life plans. The best part of the policy is that it provides financial protection against death of the life assured throughout the lifetime with the provision of payment of a lump sum at the end of the selected term in case of the survival of the policy holder. Key Features of the policy – (Table 815) Life cover benefit continues to remain even after the maturity of the policy. Double Benefit of Financial protection against death of the policy holder and savings LIC’s Accidental Death and Disability Benefit […] READ MORE

Pradhan-Mantri-Vaya-Vandana-Yojana (PMVVY) (Table 842) – Review, Benefits and Eligibility

Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana is a systematic regular pension scheme for senior citizens by Government of India. It is an organized and well-planned investment scheme. One of the best features of Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana is that it allows flexible withdrawal as well as it provides loan facility after an individual has successfully held the policy for 3 years. Features – (Table 842) Maximum Limit of this policy is Rs 15,00,000. Pension is assured. Payment of pension is done via NEFT or Aadhaar card linked payment system. There is no maximum age of buying this scheme. Even if […] READ MORE

LIC’s E TERM (Table 825) – Review, Features, Benefits and Eligibility

LIC’s e-Term is a pure life cover policy with a regular premium. In case of the sudden demise of the policyholder, this policy provides financial protection to the policy holder’s family. If one wishes to buy this policy then they can buy online only through This plan has two categories of premium rates – Aggregate lives Non-smoker lives For Sum Assured up to Rs. 49 lacs Aggregate category rates only would apply. For Sum Assured Rs. 50 lacs and above there is an option to choose the differential premium rate for Non-smoker category. However, the application of Non-smoker rates […] READ MORE

LIC Jeevan Pragati (Table 838) – Review, Features and Benefits

LIC’s Jeevan Pragati is a non-linked endowment plan with a combination of financial protection and savings. In this policy, the sum assured on death increases every 5 years during the policy term. Savings from this policy can be used to fulfill long term goals. Features of this Policy – (Table number 838) Maturity Amount is tax-free under section 10(10D). Tax benefit under 80C of income tax act for the premium paid. If the premiums have been paid for consecutive 3 years then the loan facility can be availed. One can get surrender value only after premium payment for 3 consecutive […] READ MORE

LIC Bima Shree (Table 848) – Review, Features and Benefits

LIC’s Bima Shree is a combination of 2 features – Protection and Savings specially designed for high net worth individuals. It provides financial support to the family of the policyholder in case of the sudden demise of the policyholder during the term of the policy. Features of this Policy – (Table 848) Policy tenure is 14, 16, 18 & 20 years This policy is especially for high net-worth individuals Various Rider benefit such as – *** Accidental Death and Disability Benefit Rider *** Accident Benefit Rider *** New Term Assurance Rider *** New Critical Illness Benefit Rider *** Premium Waiver […] READ MORE

LIC Navjeevan (Table 853) – Review, Features and Benefits

LIC’s Navjeevan plan is a Non-Linked” With Profit ” Endowment Assurance plan. Under this plan, the premium can be paid either as Lump sum (Single premium) or as Limited Premium with a premium payment term of 5 years. This plan provides financial support for the family in case of unfortunate death of the policyholder any time before maturity and a lump sum amount at the time of maturity for the surviving policyholder. Features of this policy – (Table 853) The term of the plan is 10 to 18 years Minimum and Maximum sum assured is 1 Lakh and No limit. […] READ MORE

LIC Micro Bachat Plan (Table 851) – Review, Features and Benefits

LIC’s Micro Bachat Plan is basically a regular premium, non linked, participating micro insurance plan which offers 2 benefits of protection and savings in one single policy. This policy also offers loan facility provided the premium of 3 years have been paid. In case of an active insurance plan, 70 percent of loan can be availed on the total premium paid. Whereas, in case of a paid-up policy, a loan of 60 per cent can be availed. Features of this policy – (Table 851) This is a non-linked and participating insurance plan. People aged between 18 to 55 yrs can […] READ MORE



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