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How Jagoinvestor can help NRI's in their financial planning and Investments?

Jagoinvestor is premium Financial Planning and Financial Literacy website which works in the area of Investor Education and also helps HNI resident and NRI clients who want to do their wealth creation and financial planning.


Earning good money is one of the important pre-requisites of a good financial life, however, if this money is not channalized properly into right investments in a planned manner, an investor can create a messy and a bad financial life.


If you an NRI, it's important for you to make sure that you are investing your money in the right financial products, with the right advice, and through proper financial planning.


We are on a mission to create an army of more than 10,000 NRI's who are leading a great financial life with peace of mind and happiness in their life.


If you want to join this mission, start your financial planning today!

Some basics concepts every NRI should know (Video)

6 reasons why NRI's should be more serious about Financial Planning?

Financial Planning is all about preparing for future financial goals today. Its an exercise of analyzing your income, expenses, financial goals,spending pattern,investments,loans to find out the corrective actions to improve your financial life.

Higher Amounts Involved

NRI's earn well and have a big amount to invest on a monthly or onetime basis. Its important to handle it with care


Complicated Taxation

NRI taxation is more complicated compared to resident and it depends on various things like products and country of residence



An NRI has to make sure that they follow all the laws related to NRI's and are always in compliance with the rules.

Artwork MAster

Pressed for TIME

NRI's are too busy and its important for them to manage their finances with help of an expert financial planner.


Better Use of Money Earned

Most of the NRI's want to return back to India after few years, and want to plan their finances with that perspective

Higher Lifestyle Goals

NRI's want to have higher amount of goals and lead a better lifestyle which requires more careful financial planning


Is India a better place for NRI's to invest compared to the country I am currently in?

Any country which is a developing nation has lots of opportunities and money grows in that country because there is a bigger room and growth potential to become better. 

Hence India, unlike other developed nations provide much high speed and return on investments. 

From last 40 yrs, Indian stock markets have delivered a CAGR return of around 16-17% and are set to continue that for another 30-40 yrs at the minimum. 

Hence, if you are an NRI based out of US, Europe, Singapore, Middle East or any other developed country you are better off investing your money in India for wealth creation.


How will taxation work when I invest in India?

If not done in a right way, NRI's can end up paying lots of taxes in India because of wrong investment choices. 

An NRI's has to optimize his taxes, along with increase in investment returns and timely use of his money. 

There are a lot of things which can be done in order to save taxes, some of them are

  • Using Cross country double taxation treaties
  • Utilizing the Gift tax laws in India and save tax by investing in Parents Name
  • Using investment products like equity & Debt mutual funds and defer taxes for future until withdrawal.

Is it too complicated to invest in India?

Absolutely NO

If it were too complicated, we would not have more than 100+ NRI families investing in India with our advice.

Yes, the documentation part is a bit more than a normal resident, but it's just a few extra forms and documents - and that's it.

In the end, you just have to follow the guidelines set by SEBI and do the one-time documentation in the start. After that, the investment process is exactly the same as any resident.


Can NRI's invest in Mutual Funds in India?


NRI's from any country can invest in mutual funds in India. The documentation and process are easy and simple for NRI's and we do have clients from various countries.

NRI's from USA and Canada will also be able to invest in mutual funds in India, however, due to FATCA regulations, their choices of mutual funds are limited. Still, there are more than 8 fund houses available for them. 

We currently serve more than 30+ clients from US/Canada and 70+ clients from other countries.

How We Do Financial Health Checkup? Check Video below:

Clients Testimonals


Bobby John

Proposals Engineer, Intergraph Middle East LLC, Dubai

I have been associated with the JagoInvestor team since 2012.


Since being from a traditional background, the only way I knew to save and grow money was through fixed deposits, recurring deposits or investing in land and/or gold. Rather than simply saving the money into bank accounts, I always had a gut-feeling that there WILL be ways in which your money can work for you.


I used to browse Internet vivdly. The Internet is having many matured articles; but there wasn't any for a total newbie like me. Only a regular search day, I stumbled upon Jago team. Their articles were simple and informative; but I didn't know how to start, where to start, etc.


And since I am being an NRI, getting information from India is like spending much money on phone calls (emails to customer care doesn't work most of the time).


I requested Manish/Nandish to help me start. (Initially, they were'nt offering any client services; but, were focusing on giving intelligence through blogs/write-ups.) I believe they started getting requests and hence, they ventured into financial consulting. I grabbed the chance! And since then there is no looking back.


I am very glad that I took the chance and now, my money is working for me. When I see my money grow, it is an encouragement to save more. Now, I look more positively to the future (be it retirement, kids’ education, an untimely death, etc.).


So, my advice: if you are not quite sure (or if you only know about FDs, R-FDs, etc.), please take Jago's assistance. There are ways in which our money can work for us much smarter than the traditional banking products like FDs, R-FDs.


Please don’t be of the false notion that we’ll become a super-rich guy  overnight. However, by cutting down “unwanted” expenses and consistent saving in the right products, we can and WILL create wealth. Jago team will guide/handhold you in EXACTLY doing that.


Thank you Jago team.


Krishna Ghotekar

Marketing Manager, Schneider Electric, Jakarta

Hello all, I am a Mumbaikar been located out of India since last 6+ yrs (3yrs in Shanghai, China & 3+ yrs in Jakarta, Indonesia). Due to some obligation was not focusing much building corpus and not full-fledged financial funding.


I had been regularly reading Jago Investor online articles & that’s how I get into contact with Nandish Desai. After some discussions I was convinced I required expert financial support & guidance from Jago Investor & my financial journey started from 2016.


And just within 3.5 yrs had successfully created an very good corpus in well planned way & goal oriented with regular checks & balances.


Specially for NRI, expert financial planners support is must:

  • Hassle free execution of starting / stopping / updating any MF portfolios
  • Ensuring Financial Discipline
  • Regular Checks & balances with expert advice
  • Simple & real-time dashboard of Jago Investor


A big Thank You to Jago Investor team specially: Nandish Desai, Sagar Maheshwari & Rashmi.


Jay Kumar

Assistant Director, HCL Technology Ltd, USA

I would really like to thanks Jago Investor team from bottom of my heart for incredible dedication and motivation it imparts to clients to think and plan financial well being for today and future.


Wealth creation is now much easier task under Jago supervision and for sure retirement is going to be enjoyable like never before. Jago team make understands and develop financial wisdom in much simpler and user friendly way.


Bring NRI client, they take extra endeavor to service per onsite time zone and offer services with full professionalism and needful courtesy.
Kudos to Jago team and wish them all the very best serving clients in coming future.


Pukhraj Ranjan

Head of Community & Media, HundrED, Finland

I have been a client at Jago Investors for a few years now and it has been a huge help for me as a young professional to get the advice and wisdom from this team.


I have learned about saving habits, financial instruments and investing best practices because of their support.


The Jagoinvestor team have been my partner as I transitioned from living in India to studying in Finland and now working out of Finland.


They have been extremely understanding of various financial situations and prescribed appropriate actions when it comes to saving, investing and growing my money.


I have been very grateful to have them as a trustworthy support system that has helped me grow my wealth in the past and hope to continue working with them in the future.


Harish Kumar

General Manager in Quality Management - Siemens, Seoul

My journey with Jago Investor had started since 2017 and I would say I am satisfied with their services by more than 100%.


Prior to that , I was regular follower of their blog but all the knowledge in their blog did not result in actions from my end.


Again this is all my mistake as I am not really 100% conversant with mutual funds or stocks or picking up the right term & health insurances .

I was unable to provide specific direction to funnel the money for effective wealth generation ,plan for goals , think of health insurance etc.


Finally I had taken the plunge and decided to go for the premium services of Jago Investor and things started to fall in place.


After enrolling I was given a detailed and complete overview of my financial status and feedback was given on the areas of concern or improvement.


Regular calls and emails were set up and my target SIPs were set based on my financial goals, term insurance and health insurances were drawn accordingly and now I am sure I am progressing in the right direction .
The team was very helpful in clearing my queries and they are always present at a ping away.


So in a nut shell, a big thank you Jago Investor Team.  Keep up the good work.


Julius Pereira

Software Architect, J. J. Keller & Associates Inc, USA

My financial journey (which was kinda in a mess), with JagoInvestor started a few years back. Over the years, they have streamlined my financial life and continue to do so through their top notch services.


They have a highly dedicated and structured team and I can say for sure that they are growing, while helping individuals achieve their financial goals and eventually financial freedom. In hindsight, I wish I had started earlier with them.


In addition to top financial advice, processes and services, I also get an assigned personal manager who periodically communicates with me on various aspects be it quarterly reviews, annual reviews, nominations additions and so on and so forth. In summary, I am one happy individual who is on track towards financial freedom.


If you are like me who procrastinates on whether to seek help from a financial adviser, I would say act now. I also highly recommend JagoInvestor services. You will be in safe hands and will not regret it, for sure.

Raman (not sharing picture for privacy reasons)

Intern, Hilton Hotel, Australia

Financial Freedom – One step at a time.


It was in the year 2015 when after few years of contemplation, I finally could muster the courage to start investing in Mutual funds using regular SIPs.


I had started working in IT industry in Bangalore in 2008 just before recession hit and after initial few months of settling in the new career I realized it wasn’t something long term for me. Though above average money and a predictable routine it wasn’t the kind of brain stimulation which leaves your soul fulfilled at the end of the day.


So, by the end of the year I started looking for material online and ways to gain financial independence so that I could start a business of my own in few years or even if in a job, it would be something which won’t involve staring at a computer in half vegetative state whole day.


My first step towards the present today was opening a PPF account. As I started saving I realized how interested I was in the subject of personal finance and how it motivated me to increase the savings amount per month. I started finding ways to save or earn more to reach the maximum deposit amount allowed in the PPF account as quickly as possible.


Overtime, extra hours, promotions required all kept falling in place when mind became persistent towards the goal. By year three I could achieve the yearly maximum limit allowed in 3 to 4 months.


All during this time at the back of mind it was imminent that debt investments cannot take me far and long as far as nest egg or future is concerned. Any article I read online pointed towards equity for wealth building.


Yet when I used to see the fine print it held me back from it. Couldn’t risk my hard-earned money in equity market when recession period meant I could lose my job any moment and there was no guarantee what percentage return I would be getting.


Years went by, life started happening as it always does and I got caught in the flow. Got married, had a kid, bought my first home jointly with partner all the while thinking that it’s high time I should start investing in mutual funds or stocks. PPF, FDs moved with me without requiring much attention along the years.


Finally, in 2015 I decided to join the bandwagon even though there was a little resistance at home and even my own head wasn’t at all ready for the risk. Checked Online and the name JagoInvestor kept popping again and again and amazing reviews made it easy to reach them.


I started with SIPs in Mutual funds as it would mitigate some of the risk had I otherwise chosen lumpsome or stocks directly.


Chose a small percentage of monthly disposable income and some recommended Mutual funds by Jagoinvestor team and started my journey. It was an eye opener. Confidence started building after every call and review with Jago investor team and I kept increasing the amount.


In between once or twice I had to withdraw some amount as well whenever some big decision came like down payment for second house or for Permanent Residency fee when after visiting my sister’s family in Sydney Australia I felt my kid would have better opportunities here and my partner and I could also have a better work life balance if we decide to move.


Had I not started SIPs few years ago it wouldn't have been possible to take major decisions in life as easily as I took them when I knew my savings are invested and growing, yet are available to me in a matter of days if needed urgently.


The investments provided such peace of mind that I felt calmer and in control whenever things went south in life and as the money grew so did the clarity and confidence to choose options in life which will provide a better future for me and my family.


After gaining the PR for family in 2017, we moved to Sydney in 2018 after my spouse took an internal transfer given we already had the residency status. Although I could not continue to invest in Mutual funds after I moved out of India I decided to leave my existing investments with Jago investor as I could not think of anyone else who would take better care of my hard-earned money.


With regular updates and yearly reviews the team’s expertise has my full confidence and my personal worries at bay.


As I grow as an individual and settle in a new country and a new career as a Chef(lifelong dream), I plan to start my equity investments again soon even though I have not decided and researched yet which options would be best for me as an NRI.


Thank you Jago investor team for always being on customers side and suggesting and proposing the best options as per risk appetite.


Will be in touch again soon to carve a path for early retirement and financial freedom. All the best to your team.

  • Detailed discussion on your financial data

  • Get your Financial Life Score out of 100

  • Get a 15 parameter FINSCORE Report + Discussion

  • 1 year access to FINSCORE Platform

  • Detailed discussion on Financial Goals

  • Get customized mutual funds portfolio with names

  • Risk Profiling with Equity Orientation Call

Frequently Asked Questions

Our financial planning is process driven and not human driven anyways. Which means that the process of data filling, advice delivery and creation of financial plan is centralized already. 

The planner who works with you will be a qualified CFP (certified financial planner) or a NISM certified investment advisor. They are trained enough and qualified to work with investors and deal with their queries. 


Yes, we will suggest you in taking the right term plan and health insurance plan as per your requirement. 

We can also help you in buying the policy totally online (and at the same premium which you get online on your own). 

Just because you are investing does not mean that your financial life is planned well and things are in order. There are more than 15 parameters which we check when do your financial planning.

How well are you investing is just 1 parameter we look at. If you are investing already, it becomes even more important for you to check if you are on right path or not?

If you are investing through our platform, in that case you do not pay any fees?


As our model is online, any person sitting either in India or outside India can take our service and its delivered to everyone in exactly the same way. 

We have often seen that NRI's require financial planning much more than residents because a higher amount is involved most of the times and one small mistake can cost lakhs of rupees.

We already have more than 100+ NRI clients at the moment

We currently have close to 800+ families as our clients. We have clients from almost all the major and small city in India and many NRI clients across US, Middle East, UK, Singapore and other 20+ countries.

We are distributor of mutual funds. We do not offer any advice!

Finscore is a Copyrighted tool created by Jagoinvestor after working with more than 2000 clients. 

It is an intelligent planning tool which helps an investor in taking their financial life to the next level. We take your financial data, do some number crunching at the back end and screen your overall financial life using 15 strong parameters. It analyzes your financial life and give a score between 1-100.

Finscore is about aligning your financial life with the defined 15 parameters and taking corrective actions.

Actually its the best situation to be in.

If you are totally new to investing, its means you are like a blank canvas. You have no past mistakes baggage and we don't have to spend time in correcting things. We just have to plan things out and get into action quickly.

Yes ,

we have an exhaustive contract which will be signed with you. It has all the points related to data confidentiality and data security along with terms and conditions.

Yes, we take your data online and our website is https enabled. Our servers are fully secure and we take measure in data protection. 

Only you have access to your data along with our team. Your data is always used for generating your Finscore and to provide advice and nothing else.

You can be rest assured about the data security.

100% . Your data is never shared with any 3rd party ever.

We use your data only for what is mentioned in the contract, which will be to provide the financial advice to you. 

Our ideal client is someone who earns anywhere from 10 lacs to 75 lacs per annum. We take clients who have a portfolio size above 20 lacs or can do a SIP of Rs 50,000 per month so that we can justify our services and the process which we follow.

Most of our clients are in the following professions

  • Software Engineers
  • Doctors
  • Management professionals
  • Business-class
  • Govt employees
  • Marketing and financial employees
  • All kind of salaried people

Not at all! .

There is no account opening charges or any transaction charges. You will not pay anything else other than the fees mentioned in the start of your project. 

For any other queries, please reach out to us at help@jagoinvestor.com or Whatsapp/call us on 9979922535

Additional Benefits when you invest through us

You have an option to invest from anywhere you wish to once your project is over, but there are some great benefits you enjoy if you want us to do your wealth management and invest through our platform

Regular Portfolio Reviews

Our team will manage your portfolio and monitor it from time to time to see if there are any changes required. We will do 2 yearly reviews with you

Premium Content Access

We create various video/audio/pdf content from time to time which are paid for outside world. You get FREE access to everything

FREE Financial Planning

We will do your financial planning each year and make sure that you are on track of your financial life and identify all issues which needs to be sorted

Web / Mobile Apps

You get access to our mobile & web apps for doing transactions & the app also helps you to track your financial goals progress

Periodic Goals Progress Report

You get a progress report for all your financial goals on a periodic basis which tells you if you are on track or not.

Premium Support

You get premium support from us round the year. We will be your partner in your wealth creation journey.