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Starter Package - RS 3,999

Get your detailed and basic financial health checkup done. You will understand exactly where you stand in your financial life. Its the nice value for money package for someone who wants to get complete diagnosis of their financial health.

Standard Package - RS 9,999

Get your complete financial planning done as per Starters Package and then you also get complete detailed discussions on your financial goals, calculations, Fund names, goal linking with your financial resources. Its the best package for someone who wants to do the complete financial planning from start to end. You get unbiased and complete advice on what actions to take ahead in your financial life.

Premium Package - RS 14,999

In this package, you get everything which you get in Standard Package. But the extra things you get in this package are quarterly reviews, a proper monitoring system for your wealth creation, along with round the year updates on mutual funds, financial planning, priority support and your old financial products analysis. Its a high end and quality program which is the best suited for high quality investors who are looking for a full financial financial planning. You also get invited to our workshops under this package when it happens in your city.


Testimonials from our Clients

I started my first SIPs in Novemnber 2011 at the age of 39. Frankly, how I wish I had started it much earlier...but better late than never.

However, my real story started when I came in contact with Jago Investor team. I contacted them first in October 2014 by searching on net.

Their financial health check up is a systematic approach to know where we stand today...After thoroughly going through all my so-called investments, they made many changes, made me stop bank FDs, old SIPs, Insurance policies & what not...and they devised a new financial plan for me.

Abhay Pagar, Ahmedabad
Abhay Pagar, Ahmedabad

It was indeed one of my biggest sigh of relief even before starting SIPs - it was when I registered myself with JagoInvester
I had been following JagoInvestor blog since 2 years and I knew I needed help.

My financial health check was an expected eye opener.

Eventually after a lot of calls and discussions when my first SIP was set up - i was further relieved. Now every month - I feel as eager to see my SIP deducted from my account, as much as I await my salary 🙂

Rachana Chokkapu, Gurgaon
Rachana Chokkapu, Gurgaon


Frankly, that has been the best decision of my life to work with Jagoinvestor Team.

They held my hand through the entire process, explaining each and every small detail, helping me creating goals, told me what I was doing wrong (made me sell the ULIP - that was a difficult frog to swallow ! ) and designed my investment plan.

I started out ambitiously, moving nearly 40% of my income into SIP's.

I've been doing it for a lot tole more than a year now, and it's been fabulous. In a year when the markets haven't moved much, we managed a decent growth of nearly 20 %

Niyaz Ashraf, CALICUT
Niyaz Ashraf, CALICUT

I was very apprehensive about investing in Mutual funds and the associated risks that come with them. But the Jago Investor team alleviated my fears and advised that long term investments usually cater to be profitable.

And even though my investments were not going to be that substantial, I did not see any discrimination in handling of my portfolio by the team.

Lastly I would like to say that the Jago Investor team is always available to you. I really appreciate their prompt responses in any given scenario.

Ayan Sarkar, Pune
Ayan Sarkar, Pune

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