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Hi Forum members,

Is www.bullionindia.in for real? can we trust it..anybody endorsing/using it?




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  1. Dear Arshad, Why are you interested in bullionindia? Any specific reason?



  2. bharat shah says:

    @ Arshad Mirza
    you can check, but i think, ‘personalfn guys ‘ would not advise for bullionindia.in over their own Gold etf for obvious reasons. if we feel, it is reliable, we ourselves should calculate the cost , and decide.

  3. Arshad Mirza says:

    Thanks Bharat & Biswa for your feedback…will check with personalfn guys directly as well..
    @Biswa : Can you do a review on bullionindia.in? Please 🙂


  4. Biswa Singh says:

    I saw about bullionindia in CNBC awaz so it should be authentic.

  5. bharat shah says:

    i am not endorsing, or using it. but like to draw attention of interested to
    Financial News Simplified​. (fns@personalfn.com)
    issue dtd. 24-10-2012
    i think, most of us are getting the news letter from personalfn.com, which , i understand as connected to the equitymaster and quantum mf amc. as per them

    Recently, Finkurve Bullion Private Ltd. (which is jointly promoted by NCDEX Spot Exchange Ltd., RiddiSiddhi Bullions Ltd. and Finkurve Financial Services Ltd.) introduced its online trading platform – “Bullion India”, allowing investors to own small denominations of physical gold and silver at wholesale prices with the option of free storage or door step deliveries (at a nominal cost).

    personally i trust quantum amc, equitymaster and personalfn.com and so its writing.

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