Wrongly Charged Internet Bill

POSTED BY Ram ON April 16, 2012 4:15 pm COMMENTS (2)

I recently had my Tata Broadband Internet connection disconnected. It was wireline. I ensured that the disconnection was completed before the start of my new billing cycle. Hence, legally I cannot be charged any further. They even collected the cable modem from my place and gave me the receipt (I still have it) that the closure is complete.

Now, I received a bill for Rs. 112 stating that “Other Charges” are Rs. 100 and service tax is 12% (hence, total 112/-). Further, the “other charges” goes to a sub-heading where it is written that these are “suspension charges”.

I called customer care multiple times to find out what this “other/suspension charges” is. However, they are not giving a straight response. They keey saying we’ll revert within 24 hours but nothing happens. The question is not of some Rs. 112, it is about the feeling of being cheated.

Also, now if I don’t pay that bill then I recently read Manish’s article that it affects credit history. I mean, this is a great situation that the Indian consumer now has – shut up and pay the bill and bear being cheated otherwise don’t pay the bill and ruin your credit history.

Does anyone know if there is some sort of ombudsman that I can write to for this matter? Also, should I pay the bill or refuse to do so?


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  1. Dear Ram, the “suspension charges” apply when you are putting off your connection temporarily. In case you have surrendered the connection & not suspension. Please write a mail to the customer care of TATA & wait for a response. Please confirm with TATA people that it’s surrender or suspension that they have applied to your connection.



    1. Ram says:

      Dear Ashal,

      I called the customer care for the fourth time today in the last 2 days. Further, I have also e-mailed them twice without any response.

      In my most recent conversation, the customer care executive mentioned that – “to disconnect a service the process is to first suspend it and then disconnect it, and the charge for the suspension process is Rs. 100 plus service tax”. He said if you want further details I can e-mail them. When I said I already did, he said he is putting in a request for them to respond (this was the same thing told by the previous executive).

      Is there no ombudsman for telecom companies in India?


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