Written off in status in CIBIL, even after paying money – Was I cheated ?

POSTED BY Ameya ON February 25, 2014 7:24 pm COMMENTS (2)

I had a few debts on my SBI credit card.

After a while the bank recovery department called and asked for settlement. This was a verbal agreement for paying 15,000 Rs in 3 installments. I paid the 1st 2 installments, and for paying the 3rd installment I demanded the letter from that person. He started avoiding the calls.

I then called up the sbi card department and they said that the settlement is void as the letter has to be generated before the payments. Moreover I was told that the person has conned other defaulters in the same manner and is now no longer working with SBI. I did not pay the 3rd installment as i felt cheated and a string of negotiations stared over the phone.

I have tried to reason out with the officials but to no avail. Now it has been nearly 3 yrs . Everytime the recovery department call, I explain my case and then there is no call back.

I happen to check my CIBIL record and now the outstanding is showing as 48,000 against this account. It also shows as loan WRITTEN-OFF. I called SBI card again and wrote to them explaining the case.

They are now demanding that I pay Rs39,000 in 3 installments and they will give me a  CIBIL clearance letter.

I have received a letter from them about this but no where does it mention that they will make the CIBIL status as CLEARED .

I just wanted to ask :

1. If there is any provision that by giving 39,000 in 3 installments will make the status as cleared

2. whether I can pursue a case against SBI for having promised me for settlement and then going back on their word?

Please advice.


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  1. Credexpert says:

    Dear Ameya,

    Is is advisable to repay Rs.39,000 and get the “Written off” remark cleared from your report. However, before opting for the same, explain your earlier case and insist that the letter should now mention about the CIBIL report clearing as well.

    As far as filing a case against SBI is concerned, that would not be possible unless you have any official records to prove the same.


  2. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Ameya, as there is written letter with you, please opt for final selltement by paying 39000 Rs. You can not prove the verbal communication and the cheating done to you by that person.



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