Worst experience with RELIGARE Health Insurance

POSTED BY sudhir3 ON June 2, 2014 9:54 am COMMENTS (4)

RELIGARE have rejected the proposal of my 14 year old healthy kid on the grounds of the 2-3 years old past medical history of SYNCOPE, although the doctors then had given clean chit after performing ECG, MRI etc.

RELIGARE refused to do a fresh medical examination on him to verify condition of health in case of doubt, stating that state of his current or future health is immaterial.

RELIGARE even refused to arrange for a discussion between me and the underwriter who had rejected his proposal thereby closing all avenues of any discussion. (In all probability, the under-writer has not even understood the old medical reports of my son, sent by me).

Their replies to specific and pointed questions in my emails are vague and round about.

Such a stand by RELIGARE will affect my son’s future since other insurance companies also will tend to go by the precedence of past rejection by RELIGARE and reject his proposals even though he may be enjoying perfect health.

They have only one standard response for everything and they do not answer any specific questions. If this is the state of affairs before policy issual, imagine how they could deal with the insured persons when they put up a claim. You could be up against a wall everytime,

I recommend the readers to be very careful while choosing insurance company for your health insurance and spread such information to your colleagues so that they don’t fall into such a mess with insurance companies like this who do not seem to espouse any value.

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  1. Hemanth Chandra says:

    I wish that you win in the fight for justice. I really get motivated by incidents like these in which the consumer fights for justice. Remember, I am here to support you 🙂

    1. sudhir3 says:


  2. Dhawal Sharma says:

    Dear Sudhir,
    I can very well understand your anguish over the proceedings but let me try to explain the rationale, being an advisor myself (For Max Bupa and not Religare).

    I hope and pray that your Son have healthy life forever but underwriting a policy is altogether a different thing..If the policy has been issued for your son, in all probability – this policy would have run for another 70 odd years. So the underwriter has to take all risks into account before issuing policy. Your son might have syncope about 3 or 4 years back (Which occurs usually due to lack of oxygen levels in blood flow towards the brain)..If at all such an episode happened and whatever may be the health situation today, it clearly shows that there is “Some” abnormality – even if an iota or 0.01%. Now it is upto the insurar to undertake or underwrite such risk..afterall, this MEDICLAIM is all but a pure business proposition.

    Some companies will take it as a risky proposition (That such a case occur at young age of 10 and might be a bigger thing at advance age) and some companies will take it as a minor issue..

    Religare being a new company might not wish to take upon itself this “Risk” but I am sure some other company will..So you do not need to be disheartened. Its a business thing afterall..You try somewhere else, and i am sure you will get it with some other insurar..No hard feelings for Religare, i Advice 😉

    1. sudhir3 says:

      Dear Mr. Sharma,

      Thanks for your reply. I will certainly take your advise.

      However for me, it is necessary to settle the issue with Religare who have issued a rejection letter for my son’s policy giving reasons which are not based on facts.

      After further escalation of my previous complaint to IRDA, finally Religare grievances section person together with the Underwriter spoke to me. Sadly they did not have the right answers for any of my following questions :

      1) Why did they mention in their letter “recurrent multiple attacks of Syncope and is on medication” which is not a fact.

      The fact is that the last time he had the problem was 2 years ago. The fact is that he was never under medication and not a tablet was consumed. The fact is that a highly reputed doctor had given him clean chit 2 years ago.

      2) Why did Religare not want to do a medical examination in case of doubt but instead simply rejected the case ?

      3) Syncope is not even a disease. Why do they consider it as such a great risk ?

      4) Could Religare not have offered a policy that lists Syncope as a pre-existing condition with 4 years waiting period ? Even better, could Religare not have offered a policy barring any claims on Syncope in totality ?

      5) Why can’t Religare share with me the Underwriter’s policy which bars Syncope altogether ? How can I believe what they say without being privy to this so called policy.

      Lastly I told them that I am not interested in their insurance policy anymore (infact I have already asked them to cancel policies of self and my wife) and all that I need is just a clean chit of health for my son, withdrawing their letter containing non-factual statements. They politely refused to do so. Hence, I intend to fight this case until I get some justice.

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