With Int Rates almost peeked.. Best place to park the money

POSTED BY Rajendran ON February 27, 2011 10:39 am ONE COMMENT


  I appreciate the help you folks are providing to the novice like me. Here goes my another query.

  With the interest rates peeked (almost) out what is the best place to park your money. 

I mean, I am looking for something which can provide near to same interest rate like FD, flexibility of a liquid fund and tax efficient.



    I heard that FMP would be good. Can you please throw some light on this.

    I am fine with lower returns but want capital protection. 





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  1. bcskal says:

    FMPs also can give you a return in the range of (7-8)% only and also it is not predictable at the beginning of the tenure of the FMPs. Try some new FMPs having a short duration of 180-days (or) 270 days etc. Then you can make some conclusion.

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