Wipro share split and bonus shares

POSTED BY PK ON September 25, 2010 10:36 pm COMMENTS (4)

Last quarter(April 23rd 2010), Wipro announced two things:
1)Two bonus shares for every three shares owned.
2) Dividend of 6 Rs per share.

I had around 60 wipro shares. Based on the above, I got 6*60=360 Rs. dividend.
But I did not get any bonus shares. I was supposed to get (60/3)*2=40 shares.
Also, Wipro did a share split of 5:3 later on June 16th. So my 60 shares became (60)+(60/5)*3=96 shares.
But I dont know when I will get my bonus shares that was declared earlier.
I bought the shares before the announcement was done.
So will I be getting this still?

Are these two different which are given separately or is it that they implemented it on June 16th whatever they announced on April 23rd. If its same, then the ratios are different.

Please help me find answer for my question.

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  1. ayem says:

    I am also holding one(1) share of wipro since 2008. I could not get the bonus share, in that case what will happen?

    1. Rajendran says:


      you would have got the equivalent money deposited in your account.

  2. Sohil says:

    Share the exact date of buying share amount and quantity as seen in your contract note.

    1. PK says:

      I looked into the details and got little confused. Below is the detailed explanation. Please help me.

      I got 10 shares on Aug 6th 2009.
      Later I bought 110 Wipro Shares on April 14th. So totally 120 shares
      Wipro released the dividend and bonus share on April 23rd.
      And it again did share split of 5:3 on June 19th. Due to which my shares totally became 192(120 + (120/5)*3).
      But now I have totally 200 shares. So I guess I got only 8 bonus shares. Don’t know how. I should have got more.
      Please explain me if you know the details.

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