Will present Insurance cover in case one developes diabetes in later years

POSTED BY Abin06 ON May 8, 2012 10:59 am COMMENTS (3)

I am curious to know if I buy mediclaim cover or a Critical Insurance cover today and then say few years later I develope diabetes will my cover hold good or will it be void?
Currently I may not have diabetes but due to family history I may be succeptable to the same and develope it later. I have heard that many insurers avoid paying claims with the onset of diabetes. Is that a legal thing to do?

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  1. aditya.kumar2244 says:

    health policies have waiting periods built into plans, so diabetes is typically covered after 2 years in such plans, so long as you do not get diabetes within this time, you should be covered. But there are some plans specially designed for Diabetes as well.

    So if you do not want to opt for a normal heath policy from say an Apollo Munich or Max Bupa (both offer some really good plans). You can also explore this Star Health plan designed for diabetes. I came across this on a site called Zibika.com recently started by some people I know, and they have done a decent job of providing information and quotes for health insurance plans.

  2. Dear Adhip, the cover for your health policy or CI policy ‘ll remain active. The only impact ‘ll be as & when a claim happens on any of the policy, the renewal prem. ‘ll be revised upwards.



  3. Yes it will cover you … dont worry.. . all the future problems are covered .. Thats why Insurance is taken 🙂

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