Will NSEL ‘Scam’ have any effect on e-Gold?

POSTED BY vijay ON October 19, 2013 9:02 am COMMENTS (3)

I am asking this question purely for educational purposes. I have gone the ETF route. But seeing that NSEL has been digging itself into tough situations with unnecessary malpractices, is the safety of e-gold holders at stake? I know they are fine at the moment, but say 5-10 yrs. down the road if NSEL sinks, is there any chance it can take down their investors with them?



3 replies on this article “Will NSEL ‘Scam’ have any effect on e-Gold?”

  1. vijay says:

    Thanks guys for your inputs.

    @Anshuk, I’d missed reading the article earlier. Thanks for highlighting it.

  2. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Vijay, as of now there is no issue with E-GOLD. what may happen in future, I can not comment.



  3. Anshuk Jain says:

    I don’t think that you read this article.. http://www.business-standard.com/article/specials/nsel-investors-seek-halt-of-delivery-under-e-series-contract-113092300818_1.html
    People who are impacted of the current NSEL crisis are requesting Bombay High Court to halt delivery of e-gold series too 🙁

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