Will my PPF account marked as “unclaimed” ?

POSTED BY gaur1982 ON July 12, 2014 8:15 am NO COMMENTS

One of my relative’s query is

“I am a senior citizen, and I am having ppf account in post office – which I am continuing even after maturity date without further subscription for the last 9 years and continue the account without withdrawal since i invested in other tax saving schemes amount is not big. However I want to subscribe /deposit this year onwards in the same ppf account in which no deposit was made in the last 9 years after maturity year

Whether the account can be continued even after due date. In this connection, Finance minister announced govt is considering about unclaimed accounts what he means by unclaimed accounts i do not understand.  whether it is advisable to continue the account even though the amount is not large i am a middle class kindly clarify sorry for the trouble”

What would i suggest to him?

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