Will my life insurance claim get rejected due to new health issues ?

POSTED BY insurance_seeker ON August 27, 2014 10:21 am NO COMMENTS

I am looking for a term insurance of 50 lacs cover or more. Currently I am covered by a corporate term plan as well as a money back policy from reputed insurance company. But I am looking for more cover.

I am 30 Yrs male. I am a moderate social drinker and sometimes smoke also. Every year I go for routine checkups as it comes free with my health insurance policy.

Few months back my reports showed Fatty liver and slightly increased levels of SGPT and SGOT in the Kidney function tests with slight elevation in Triglycerides as well. I just wanted to know that, is there a possibility that my proposal might get rejected by the insurance company?

I am of the view that as a customer we should disclose all the facts in the proposal form, so in case of any mishap the family members dont have to struggle a lot. But I also fear that will my honesty result in me being denied a policy? Please help !

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