WIll I get bonus in LIC Jeevan Shree ?

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I am invested in LICs Jeevan Shree without profit (without accident benefit) Policy. I have been paying yearly premiums of Rs. 25268 since March, 2001 and shall continue till 2016. The sum assured is Rs.5,00,000.

The policy term is 25 years and the payment term is 16 years. I was told that the ”without profit version’ of the policy means there will be no bonus, LA or GA payable to you and on the date of maturity, only the sum assured will be paid.

My query is

1. Will I not be getting any bonuses because it’s a ‘without profit’ policy.
2. What is the sum one can expect at maturity?



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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Vikram, in the said policy, the bonus rate is guaranteed @ 75 Rs. per 1000 sum assured. So in your case it’s 37500 Rs. yly bonus addition. That’s why your policy ‘ll get total 937500 Rs. (37500 yly * 25 y) as basic bonus in 25Y. Apart from this, at the time of maturity, you ‘ll get basic sum assured 5L Rs. Which is again guaranteed. Loyalty addition and final additional bonus if any ‘ll be subject to LIC’s declaration in the year of policy maturity, 2026 for you. So the guaranteed maturity amount for you in 2026 is 1437500 Rs. Non guaranteed part ‘ll only be an added amount in 2026.



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