Will I get back my health insurance premium if nothing happens to us ?

POSTED BY Shailesh ON January 3, 2014 12:18 pm COMMENTS (3)


I’m planning to buy health insurance policy for my parents (age- above 65 yrs). I have doubt on this, will I get money back if everything goes fine with all of us i.e. if I do not need to use insurance money on our health issue.

Can I get money back which I paid as a premium for health insurance?

Thanks in advance


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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear Happyinvestor, I want to eat my cake and at the same time want to have it in my hand too. Is it possible? If you purchase an umbrella for Rain but rain does not happen, w’d you return the umbrella after some time and demand money back from shopkeeper?



    1. Your example was better than mine 🙂

  2. Its exactly same where you buy a Helmet and then after a year, want your money back because you didnt meet the accident and nothing happened to you ?

    Its important to understand that the “premium” you pay is the FEES you pay to transfer the risk to someone else. So if something happens to you , the insurer bites the bullet and takes all the charges and nothing goes out of your pocket and if nothing happens to you, he enjoys the premium for the “pain” he took . The “pain” here is taking that big risk .

    I hope you are clear now on this aspect.


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