Will EPFO accept MLA signatures on EPF form ?

POSTED BY GK ON September 16, 2013 5:31 pm COMMENTS (3)

I had left my job in April’ 2013 with sufficient notice period and joined another Company. I wanted to withdraw my EPF fund because there  is no EPF facility  in the current company. But I was not able to get the signatures from my previous Employer. So i attested my documents i.e.. form 10C and form19 by MLA (our area’s MLA).

Will EPF office accept MLA attested form of EPF?

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  1. ashalanshu says:

    Dear GK, please contact your old employer to get your dues.



  2. GK says:

    Thanks for you reply Manishji.

    Actually i am working in Mumbai. Here in Mumbai EPF forms attested by MP or MLA’s are valid. So my application/withdrawal forms( i-e form 10C and form 19) accepted by EPF officers along with support documents (a letter to Reg.comm.of EPF, Resignation Letter)

    But within 10 days of submission forms were rejected by EPF officer b’coz the company is still operating and incase if the company is closed then they would do the needful.

    In that case what would you suggest me to do?

  3. I just check this on internet and found out that MP or MLA are not into the category of gazatted officers , as their job is temporary (5 yrs) . So their signature will not work .


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