Will bank refund me benefits I didnt get because I didnt get Max Gain policy ?

POSTED BY shailesh_shailesh ON August 14, 2014 6:26 pm NO COMMENTS

Hello all,

My home loan was started in June 2014. for this month i didn’t got any max gain benefits. For July my EMI was deducted form savings account , so again no max gain benefits. in August finally after telling bank person, he corrected my account details and EMI was deducted from current account.

Now can i get my Max Gain benefit for July. Can bank give my money back?

Base Interest rate is 10.25%. Due to Max Gain interest rate is 10.40%

i want bank to return my 0.15 % which they took for july 2014.

please help me to understand/ get my money back.

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