why should i prefer offline term plan than online

POSTED BY jaimin ON August 28, 2013 10:37 pm ONE COMMENT

hello freinds


as i see this website and think to protect my faimily with some insurance.

so i googled about this.but one thing confusing with me that.

my freind cum policy adviser said that i should not take online policy because at time of claim there are many issuses with online plans ratheer than who go with offline.


one more thing i m not going to buy policywith him so his personal intention is not there to earn something.

what i decided

my age=23


s.a=30lakh(LOL bcz for 50Lakh my income is not handsome enough as per company rule)


please help me for this as fast as possible.

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  1. Dear Jaimin, please research a bit on the claim procedure of term plans (be it online or offline). You ‘ll know the result that there is no difference in claim process for both version of plans. 🙂

    What’s your yly salary?



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