Why Reliance RSF – Equity (G) is performing too bad since 1 year..

POSTED BY Punit Gohil ON December 7, 2011 2:28 pm COMMENTS (4)

Why Reliance RSF – Equity (G) is performing too bad since 1 year..

I have started SIP for this fund for 20 years but dont know why this is performing so worst.

Invested in DSP-BR Top 100 Equity on same day with equal SIP amount and this fund is bit okay compared to Reliance any idea on this?

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  1. Ramesh says:

    I fail to understand why you would check out an SIP done for 20 years, on a per-day/per-week or even per-month basis.

    Reliance RSF is an Aggressive (=will have midcaps OR will do churning) Multicap fund, with a large-cap bias (=will have any type of stocks-large,mid or small, but has a large-cap predominance).

    DSP Top 100 is also an aggressive (significant amount of churn) Large cap fund.

    Since, the last 5 years, both the funds have given similar overall returns (10.6% for RRSF and 10.2% for DSPBRT100).

    If you are looking for a long-term view, an aggressive multi-cap fund is a better choice, in my opinion. You should look in terms of = the same amount of money (SIP amount), you are able to get more units of similar performing funds. Why to complain then!!

  2. Dear Punit Gohil, Please compare the Rel. RSf Eq. return first to it’s benchmark BSE 100 & then to it’s category i.e. Eq. Multicap. DSP Top 100 is not the similar kind fund hence any comparison is not justified.



  3. Punit Gohil says:

    I m comparing the Reliance RSF with the other fund which I m invested DSP-BR Top 100 Equity. both the funds are in loss but the loss % of Reliance RSF is high …

  4. TheZionView says:


    The Equity market is down by around 20% this year. What are you comparing the Reliance RSF with?

    You should check with the index it is tracking.If i has underperformed the index its tracking then may be you can wait for couple more quarter and then take a decision. Since you are long term(20yrs of SIP) investor you should give bit more time for your funds to perform.

    Also make sure you dont exit with a exit load.

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