Why is my HRA different from my rent declared ?

POSTED BY Gopalkrishnan ON August 5, 2014 6:45 pm NO COMMENTS

When I submit my proof of investment & other declaration, I have shown Rs.144,000 (Rs.12,000 x 12) as my rent and rent receipt also submitted.  But in the Form 16 it is shown HRA as Rs.80,384 and tax is calculated and TDS paid accordingly.  On the basis of Form 16 I submitted my ITR2 and got the ITRV.

Can I re-submit the ITR2?  But the Form 16 shows different amount as HRA?   Last year also same thing happened and I did not noticed as the return was submitted by an agent on the basis of form 16 given by me.    So please confirm whether I can claim last year FY12-13 refund also.

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