why for some stock P/E and EPS are not shown ?

POSTED BY ainvest ON April 4, 2013 9:48 pm COMMENTS (6)

I would like to know that why for some stocks the indicators as P/E and EPS is now shown ?

also Div yield field is also shown as -%

for example, for a stock called Piramal Life Sciences Limited I checked its data on moneycontrol.com and yahoo finance site and it shows something like this

*P/E    –           *EPS (TTM)   –                          

DIV YIELD.(%)    -%
On yahoo finance site for the same stock is says
P/E (ttm): N/A
EPS (ttm): N/A
Div & Yield: N/A (N/A)

BUT, on google finance it shows EPS  as -4.27

Why P/E and EPS figures are like that ?

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  1. Dear Ainvest, yes it’s possible. But by that time, the stock price ‘ll also move up. 🙂



  2. dear Ainvest, please justify me the pricing of Reliance Industries or TATA steel or ONGC, on the lines as mentioned by you.



    1. ainvest says:


      If I take the case of Reliance Industries today’s closing price is Rs. 801.20. The EPS is 64.84 hense P/E is = 801.20/64.84 = 12.36

      I am still little unclear that company like Piramal Life Sciences has stock price as 27.60. There is no EPS(because the company is in loss AS YOU SAID).
      now, in the coming end of quarter if EPS figure changes to say 7 then you mean
      P/E = 27.60/7 = 3.94

      is it possible ?

  3. Dear Ainvest, the formula applied by you is not correct for the fact that EPS ‘ll be declared only at the qtly result time whereas the price is changing every second. PE is derived from Price & reverse is not there.

    If somebody wants to speculate, so be it. This speculation may be a reason of price rise.



  4. Dear ainvest if a company is in loss, there is no earning. if there is nop earning, the Earning per share i.e. EPS ‘ll not be there for you. So does indicating a EPS with negative sign, provide any meaning to you?

    Same is the case for PE or dividend. if no declaration of dividend is there how can be there a Div. yield?



    1. ainvest says:

      Thanks Ashal for your quick reply.

      I need further clarification on this.
      I found that on 16 May 2012 this stock was trading between the price of Rs. 7 to 8 and today it is trading at Rs. 28.

      If that is the case then something must have drove the price to go from Rs. 8 to Rs. 28(as of today) in last 9 months.

      so, if the company is in loss, there is no EPS and no PE then what calculation decides the stock price as Rs. 28 today ?

      As per my understand EPS x PE = Stock price.

      we do not have any of these and still stock has some price.

      Also, officially whether such stock get de-listed from stock market eventually(as a official rule of the market) ?

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